What To Do If Your Pet Goes Missing

Pets are a part of our families, our fur babies and the kid’s best friend, so having one of them go missing is traumatic and can be hard to explain the kids. There are, however, lots of things you can do to try and find them, some without even leaving the house. We have made a list of our best tips for finding your missing pet.


There is a lost and found pets page for just about every part of Australia, not just cities, but suburban sections of every city and town split into councils, subdivisions etc. Head to these pages to post a photo of your missing pet and see if someone has already found them and posted a photo.


They are the old fashioned way but can still be effective if used well. Place them in areas your pet is likely to frequent if venturing out on their own, their favourite parks, beaches etc and if someone sees them stroll by and sees their picture they can call you.What To Do If Your Pet Goes Missing

Local Ranger Service

If the ranger already has your animal, yo’re probably up for a fine, but provided your animal is registered and microchipped accordingly the fine will be minimal. If they have your pet they will call you if the animal can be identified, but it is always worth calling them to check and leave details anyway.

Other Ranger Services

If your animal is picked up outside business hours it may not be your local ranger who has them as only some are 24hour. Check with other ranger services in your area, especially the after hours ones if your local is not.

Council/Ranger Websites

Most councils will have a page for their ranger service on their website and many of these have photo galleries of pets currently held by ranger services. This is how we found our own missing pet back in Perth while we were still on holidays in Bali once.

Check Their Hangouts

Animals, dogs especially are habitual creatures, if you’re heading out to look for them check out their favourite hangouts first, this is very likely where they will go if they take themselves for a walk.

Cruising the streets

If all else fails then your left cruising the streets in your car, or on foot calling their name and hoping that they actually come if they hear you.

Has your pet ever been lost? How did you find them?

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