Did You Know? Spotify Has A Playlist and Podcast for Dogs to Listen To

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Did You Know? Spotify Has A Playlist and Podcast for Dogs to Listen To

Spotify Created a Playlist and Podcast for Dogs to Listen To

There’s no worse feeling than leaving our dog at home while we go to work for hours on end. We try to get creative, like playing music in an attempt to soothe our pup’s loneliness as they patiently and anxiously await our return. But what kind of tunes do animals enjoy?

Did You Know? Spotify Has A Playlist and Podcast for Dogs to Listen To | Stay at Home Mum

Look no further than Spotify, whichlaunched a personalized playlist generator, so your pets can listen to a customized selection while you’re away.

The Pet Playlist feature is paw-fect for working dog parents, since it specifically curates songs based on your pet’s needs. (This lessens the pressure of predicting whether your pup prefers heavy metal or classical music.)

All you need to do is head to the animal friendly version of Spotify. Once you select your type of pet””dog, cat, hamster, bird or iguana””the website will ask a series of questions based on your animal’s energy levels, shyness and curiosity.

Lastly, Spotify will prompt you to enter your pet’s name and photo. (You know, so Fido can easily access his personal playlist whenever he pleases.)

The streaming site will then curate a list of songs to fit your animal’s needs. Potential artists include everything from Kane Brown and Thomas Rhett to Post Malone, Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers.

Since it’s Spotify, it will automatically jump to another playlist when the first one ends, so your pup won’t ever sit in silence (which, as we all know, really means barking at the front door).

If music isn’t your animal’s thing, the company also launched an animal-centric podcast, My Dog’s Favourite Podcast, which features stories and words of encouragement that are designed to “calm and reassure your dog.”

Alexa, play ‘Fido’s Playlist’ on Spotify.”

Awww so damn cute!

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