Winter Is Coming! Prepare Your House NOW!

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Winter Is Coming! Prepare Your House NOW!

Preparing for winter should be our top priority now!

With cooler weather well and truly on the way, it is time to start preparing the family home for winter.

If you haven’t started yet, better get ready now as winter is coming really soon!

Follow this guide to get snug as a bug in a rug this winter!

1. Bedding

Get out winter blankets, woolen underlays and flannelette sheets.

Winter Is Coming! Preparing For Winter | Stay At Home Mum

Make sure you have enough for the whole family and give them a good wash and hang out in the sun. Worn larger sheets or blankets can be cut down for use on a single bed or cot, or even a warm baby wrap.
Many of the larger department stores such as Big W and Target usually have a pre-winter sale. So wait until the sale hits and pick up any spares you might need.

Winter bedding you should invest in includes:

2. Clothing

Winter Is Coming! Preparing For Winter | Stay At Home Mum

Make sure your family has enough warm pyjamas, coats, bed socks and singlets to last the season. If you’re not a fan of flannelette pyjamas, remember long tracksuit pants, long sleeved shirts and socks make a good substitute.
Old t-shirts can be worn underneath jumpers for added warmth — and don’t forget tights! Tights are a great way to keep little legs warm (even little boy legs under tracksuit pants when it gets really cold!).

Clothing Investments for winter:

3. Cooking for Winter:

Winter is the perfect comfort food season. You can make pies. Do some freezer cooking and fill your freezer full of comfort food, casseroles and stews.

Winter Is Coming! Preparing For Winter | Stay At Home Mum

Drag out your slowcooker and use it to make delicious roasts or lamb shanks. Winter is a good time for baking too. Remember, most can be placed in the freezer, so you always have them on hand!

Great recipes for the winter months:

4. Heating Your Home:

Winter Is Coming! Preparing For Winter | Stay At Home Mum

Heating your home is probably the most expensive part of the cooler months. There are great ways to save in preparing for winter, they include:

  • Order or chop firewood or gas – order in advance to get a better deal!
  • Have your chimney and or flue cleaned if required and clean the fireplace.
  • Clean air filters or replace if needed in air conditioning units.
  • Pack away summer cooling fans for storage or change the settings on ceiling fans from Summer to Winter.
  • Bring out portable heaters and clean ready for use.

5. Preparing for Colds and Flu:

Winter Is Coming! Preparing For Winter | Stay At Home Mum

It is thought that we get more colds and flu in the winter months because we huddle closer together, and are more likely to stay indoors, with germs circulating the air.

Preparing for winter should be:

  • Consider a flu shot. Your local chemist will usually offer them to save you going to a doctor.
  • Check if your vapouriser is still working and give it a clean. Make sure you have enough eucalyptus oil and vapor-rub or eucky bear ointment for chesty colds.
  • Check expiry dates and replace where required cold and flu medicine, cough syrup, cough drops and honey.
  • Stock up on vitamin C or other herbal supplements to prepare for seasonal germs.

Other Good Tips to Prepare for Winter

  • Pull out throw rugs for the lounge to snuggle up watching movies.
  • Heavy curtains keep the heat in, and the cold out! Look for curtains with thick lining.
  • Place floor coverings or rugs over wooden floors to warm underneath your feet.
Winter Is Coming! Preparing For Winter | Stay At Home Mum

Anything we’ve forgotten for preparing for winter? What steps do you take to get ready to hibernate for winter?

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Winter Is Coming! Prepare Your House NOW! | Stay at Home Mum

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