Small Pets For Small Homes

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Small Pets For Small Homes

As our backyards get smaller and we see more and more families living in apartments or units, we don’t always have the space for traditional pets such as a dog. If your kids are begging you for a pet and you simply don’t have the room, here are some ideas for a small pet you may like to consider.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are very social animals, easy to tame and fun inquisitive little animals. They need to be kept in a hutch however are relatively easy to care for.

They enjoy companionship and will often simply sit with you and members of your family because they like the company. Because Guinea Pigs are social animals, it is recommended that you have more than one to keep them company.

Mice and Rats

Although mice and rats require a large house to live in so they get enough exercise, in relative terms, they take up very little space. They are inquisitive, gentle creatures and make excellent pets for children.

You may be surprised to learn that rats are extremely intelligent and will spend a fair amount of time grooming. They enjoy company and if you handle them regularly, they will happily sit on your shoulder or curl up in your lap.

Another social animal, mice and rats should not be kept on their own. Just remember if you do not want them to breed, make sure you purchase the same sex!Small Pets For Small Homes | Stay at Home Mum


Budgies are a great first pet for children who are starting to learn responsibility. They are easy to care for and can be kept in a small cage however it is important that they have the opportunity to spread their wings and have a bit of a fly around in a safe environment, whether it is in indoors or an outdoor aviary.

As with most birds, you can teach Budgies from a young age to speak a limited number of words. They enjoy company and will often sit on a perch or even your shoulder. Budgies thrive in social situations so you may like to buy a pair.


Cute and cuddly, rabbits are great pets for kids. They are inquisitive animals and love the company of others. As with guinea pigs, they will need to be kept in a hutch however they do require regular exercise outside of it. You will need to watch them when they do this or they can easily escape under fences or through gates.  With a little effort, rabbits can be house and toilet trained.


When kept in the right conditions, a goldfish can have a life span of up to 15 years however this is rarely the case. A small fish tank of about 50 litres is suitable for housing goldfish as traditional fish bowls are too small and are not aerated.

Kids generally love feeding fish however the regular cleaning of the tank and the maintenance of the equipment will be left to you.

Dispelling the urban myth of having a memory like a goldfish, they are extremely intelligent and have been known to recognise and interact with their owners.

Do you own a small pet? By choice or by necessity? What do you have?



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