Soapnuts FAQEverything you need to know about Soapnuts...

Soapnuts are a terrific natural and frugal alternative to laundry detergents and also other household cleaning products.

Many have never even heard of soapnuts before, and there’s lots of questions being asked about them.

Here’s some answers to some of the commonly asked questions so you can get to know soapnuts a little better!

What are Soapnuts?

Soapnuts are not actually nuts (nor are they related to nuts in any way!) – they are a macadamia-sized berry which is cracked open and dried in the sun, producing a dark golden ‘shell’.

These shells (known as ‘soapnuts’)  contain a very high percentage of saponins (Mother Nature’s soap), a surfactant which removes dirt and oils from clothing when contacted with water.

Where do Soapnuts come from?

Soapnuts grow wild in the Himalayan foothills in India. The berries fall from the trees when ripe and are collected from the ground by local Indian families during Autumn each year.

The fallen berries are then cracked open, the seeds removed and the shells left to dry in the sun. Then they’re weighed and packed into boxes and exported.

Our wholesaler uses village-friendly practices including fair pay and treatment for its workers.

Are fair trade practices used in the harvest of Soapnuts?

Aussie suppliers support small communities in the Himalayan foothills and believe in fair trade practices.

Usually these products are imported via sea freight so as to have a minimal carbon footprint.

Are Soapnuts organic?

Our soapnuts are grown in the wild with no chemicals added such as fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides.

So yes, they sure are, but do not have the Certified Organic classification yet.

Can people with nut allergies use soapnuts?

Yes!  Soapnuts are not technically a nut, but are actually a berry from the Sapindus mukorossi tree, so will not pose any risk to those with known nut allergies.



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