Socks, Jackets, Sweaters and Everything Your Dog Needs To Keep Warm This Winter

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Socks, Jackets, Sweaters and Everything Your Dog Needs To Keep Warm This Winter

Winter is coming and it’s time to get ready for the cold. Oh, and your dog needs something to keep warm, too!

Whether you’re shopping to really keep your dog warm and protected, or you just want to dress them up to look cute (and use winter as an excuse lol). Then you came to the right place!

Dog Socks, jackets, coats and everything your dog needs to keep warm!

1. FuzzYard Dog Pyjamas Counting Sheep Green

How freaking adorable are these Counting Sheep Pyjamas!  They are made from super comfy velour and they are machine-washable (so your fur baby can have clean comfy jimmy jams every single night).  They are really easy to put on and take off thanks to the press-stud closure and they come in seven sizes.

Grab them from Pet HousePet House Fuzz Yard Dog Pyjamas Counting Sheep Green | Stay at Home Mum

2. Pineapple Dog Sweater

  • Stockist: Etsy
  • Ships from The United States

Your pupper can be the trendiest dog on the street with this delicious pineapple dog sweater that not only looks amazing, will keep his little chest warm too!

Pineapple Dog Sweater | Stay at Home Mum

3. The Milky Way Dog Hoodie

Put your puppy in a polar fleece hoodie – he’ll rock that shit! And be warm as toast at the same time.

Milky Way Dog Hoodie The Sophisticated Pet | Stay at Home Mum

3. Moira Rose Inspired Faux Fur Dog Jacket

Moira Rose would rock this little number, now you too can have your pupper looking like a rockstar!

Moira Rose Onyx Faux Fur Dog Jacket | Stay at Home Mum

4. The Turtleneck Warm Dog Sweater

The perfect turtleneck dog sweater that fits active puppies including a large cavity for big-chested dogs.  Soft, warm and fluffy – it’s just perfect for your pooch!

Dog Turtleneck Jacket | Stay at Home Mum

5. The Anchor Puppy Playsuit Pyjamas

This puppy playsuit is available in two legged or one legged pyjamas and is made to order to your puppy’s exact measurements.  The stretch fleece is not only soft and comfortable, but allows your puppy to move freely, run, jump and move around.

Anchor Blue Hooded Rollneck Custom Dog Jumpsuit | Stay at Home Mum

6. Water Repellent Winter Dog Tracksuit

  • Stockist: ZePooch
  • Shipped from Canada

This totes adorbs dog tracksuit is fully waterproof and has no zippers or buttons – you just pop it over your puppers head, then place the front paws in and the back!  This dog tracksuit has a tight knit to protect your puppy from wind chill, but it still retains breathability.  Washer and dryer safe.

Ze Poodle Water Repellent Winter Dog Tracksuit | Stay at Home Mum

7. The Leopard Print Dog Hoodie

  • Stockist: Pet Haus
  • Shipped from Australia

Let’s get wild!  Perfect for party puppers who walk on the wild side.  This thick, comfy dog hoodie looks great on it’s own or layered.  Cropped under the chest so there are no bathroom mishaps, and designed to fit all breeds, shapes and sizes!

Leopard Print Dog Hoodie | Stay at Home Mum

8. Fluffy Fleece Dog Jumper

This fluffy fleece dog jumper is made using super thick material, perfect for the upcoming cold Winter months.  The dog jumper has a high neck for extra cosiness!

Grey Soft Fluffy Fleece Jumper for Dogs | Stay at Home Mum

9.  Puppy Overalls

Your pooch will be so toasty warm in these delicious soft cosy dog overalls.  Made to fit your pooch, these overalls are lined with fleece but will still allow free movement.

Puppy Overalls | Stay at Home Mum

10.  Dog Rain Boots

  • Stockist: Fairy Boss Pet
  • Shipped from the United States

Awwww these adorable dog rain boots come as a pack of four – and they are designed to keep your puppy’s paws all clean and nice.  They are super easy to put on – and look so cute!

Dog Rain Boots | Stay at Home Mum

11.  Tan Coloured Dog Sweatshirt

  • Stockist: Pet Haus
  • Shipped from Australia

I couldn’t resist the face on this puppy dog.  Look at him – gorgeous!  Oh and the dog sweatshirt is adorbs too!

Tan Coloured Dog Sweatshirt | Stay at Home Mum

Socks Jackets Coats and Everything Your Dog Needs To Keep Warm This Winter | Stay at Home

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