Ten uses for bread

Almost daily you make sandwiches, toast, breadcrumbs, and all sorts of different meals from bread right?! Well, did you know that there are actually quite a few OTHER things that you can use bread for?

Here’s our top ten.

  • Hold some bread between your teeth and out between your lips whilst cutting an onion and the bread will absorb the odour and sulphides that cause tears!
  • Cooking stinky Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage or other pungent vegetables and can’t handle the odour? Pop a slice of bread in the pot/pan on top of them and it will soon smell a whole lot better (won’t help with the smell that comes after you eat them though!)
  • Use a soft slice of bread to pick up glass shards. Quick, easy and no cut fingers. Once you’re done just throw it in the bin.
  • If you find that your sugar goes hard and sticks together, keep a slice of bread in the airtight container with your sugar and it will absorb any excess moisture. Thus keeping your sugar fine and clump free as it should be!
  • Avoid gross greasy messes under the grill or BBQ by popping a slice or two of bread into the drip tray. Not only will it absorb the drips and smell but it will help avoid grease fires too!
  • Got a scuff on your favourite suede heels? Grab a soft slice of bread and gently buff it away! Yep it works! You may need to use two depending on the severity of the scuff and the density of the bread.
  • Didn’t seal your stash of marshmallows properly when you were last into them? Nobody likes hard mallows so… pop them into a clip/zip lock bag with a slice of bread for a day or two and they will become scrumptiously soft again.
  • Rice too moist? Remove from heat and place a slice or two of bread on top and leave it to sit for a few minutes and it will absorb the excess moisture leaving you with a much more appealing pot of rice! This trick will work to remove the burnt smell from overcooked rice also!
  • Clean your Coffee Grinder with some small pieces of bread (preferably the crusts or some stale bread). Pop the bread chunks into the grinder and pulse it a few times. The coffee grounds will stick to the bread instead of all those little hills and hollows in the grinder! Nice and easy!

And my FAVOURITE alternative use for Bread is…

  • Craft Dough! This is such a great activity for kids (just don’t let them eat it.)

All you need is a few slices of white bread, some white craft glue and a bowl and a fork to get you going.

Remove crusts and break the bread up into tiny pieces straight into the bowl then add the glue. Use the glue sparingly to begin with as you may have fairly moist bread and you don’t want the dough to be too gummy or wet. Use a fork to mash it all together. It’s at the right consistency if you can successfully roll it into a little ball. It will feel sticky but pliable.

You can make virtually anything from bread craft dough (just don’t make them too large or the drying time will be too long). Beads, small figurines or ornaments, buttons, pendants, tree decorations the list goes on! It may dry out a little while working it but dipping your fingers into some water then continuing will rectify it. The mix will not crack, add food colouring to make different colours or it can be painted after drying time of 1-3 days. If sealed with a few coats of a mix of 50/50 water and white craft glueit will have a nice glossy finish.

Belinda Redfordbio1Belinda is a full time SAHM to her three young children (2 boys, 1 girl), Wife and Writer for the Stay at Home Mum Website. With a flair for creativity and thinking out of the box, she likes to come up with new inventive ways of making the mundane, fun and useful.  She has a passion for family, Writing, Reading and helping people. Who although faces many day to day struggles like most parents do, wouldn’t change it for all the tea in china…and she sure does like tea!

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