Ten Uses For Butter

Butter is a staple in almost every home. It is proven to bring out the flavour in foods and is an extremely versatile item that can be used for both sweet and savoury cooking and in many different ways. BUT it can also be used for many other things.

Here is a list of ten surprising uses for Butter.

  • Squeaky door? No WD40 or oil? Use a little (very little as you don’t want anything smelling funky in a few days) butter on the hinge and it’ll be as good as new!
  • Just moved house and are worried your kitty cat may go walk about? Put a small amount of butter under its paws before letting it outside. The cat will then take a few steps, then stop and lick its paws. Doing this gives the cat a tasty treat and makes them take a few moments to adjust to their new surroundings. When the cat starts to walk around again, it will leave small traces of the butter and scent on the ground which further helps to familiarise them with their new surroundings. Plus it will boost the coats shine and help with hairballs!
  • Keep cheese fresh for longer. After cutting some cheese (minds out of the gutter people!), smear a little butter over the cut edge before storing. It will keep the cheese fresh, mold free and stop it from going hard.
  • Smelly fisherman hands are easily cleaned of the smell by rubbing some butter over your hands and nails before washing them again with soap and water. As an added bonus, they’ll feel nicely moisturised afterwards too.
  • Water rings or marks on your timber table from people not using coasters again? Rub a little butter onto them and let it sit overnight. Simply wipe off with a cloth in the morning and the stains will be gone!
  • Stop slices and brownies from sticking to the knife when cutting by coating the blade with a little butter. Perfectly cut slice every time!
  • Having trouble swallowing those horse-pill sized vitamins? Smear a little butter over them and they’ll slide down easily with a little water. No more disgusting stuck tablet feeling!
  • Remove sticky residue like Tree Sap from your car with a little butter and a soft cloth. Simply apply some to the sap and rub it until it all comes off. This also works for removing glue from your hands. Just add a little butter top the skin around and over the glue and gently rub then wash with soapy water as per usual.
  • Remove Ink stains from Plastic. If you have an ‘Artistic’ daughter that likes to draw on Barbie dolls, add a little butter to the ink mark and leave it to soak in for a while. If it’s been on long enough, it should then wipe away easily. This works on Vinyl, plastic table cloths and other toys with similar finishes.
  • Sore aching feet? Like the smell of popcorn? Got butter? Ok… Soothe your poor feet by massaging them with a little butter. Wrap them in a damp, hot towel and leave to sit for 10 minutes. Your feet will feel much better, the skin will be softer and they’ll smell like popcorn!

What other unusual uses have you tried or heard of?

Belinda is a full time SAHM to her three young children (2 boys, 1 girl), Wife and Writer for the Stay at Home Mum Website. With a flair for creativity and thinking out of the box, she likes to come up with new inventive ways of making the mundane, fun and useful.  She has a passion for family, Writing, Reading and helping people. Who although faces many day to day struggles like most parents do, wouldn’t change it for all the tea in china…and she sure does like tea!

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