Ten Uses For Old Towels

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Ten Uses For Old Towels

Ten Uses for Old Towels | Stay at Home Mum

I find it hard to throw away towels.  They get used over and over and over again until they get holes and thin spots.  I think it’s the fact that they cost so much money that makes it so hard.  So rather than chucking them away, here are some suggestions on getting even more mileage out of them!


Old towels make great rags for in the garage for grubby hands to be wiped on instead of clothes! Also for dusting, wiping over the glass after showers, cleaning up spills on the floor, wiping/cleaning mirrors, wiping walls etc. They are great rags for just about anything!

Baby Bibs or Burp Cloths

Why not use the ‘best bits’ for burp cloths or baby bibs. They are so easy to make and let’s face it they get really grubby anyway. Save some clothing and use an old towel. Works a treat!  Plus throw one over your shoulder to prevent a ‘wet burp’ getting all over your clothing.  Old cloth nappies are great for this!

Pet Towels

Use the old towels for drying off your pooch after giving them a bath or donate them to any local pet shelters. Even one or two will help them out!  If you are using them for your own pet, keep them separate to your good towels.

Spare Mop Head

If you’re really into it you can cut the towel up into equal length and width until the whole towel is used. Then tie it all off at one end and use as a mop head.  It will get your floor clean and get you by until you can get to the shop!

Floor Mats

Cut the old towels into long strips and then plait them together. When that is done, start to coil it up from one end and keep going until you reach the end. The more towels you add the bigger the coil will be. Stitch it all together and you have yourself a new plaited floor rug, perfect for in the bathroom or kitchen.

Ten Uses For Old TowelsMake Into Dog Toys

Cut into strips and twist tightly together. Knot at each end. Almost instant rope toy!

Oven Mits/ Pot Holders

Cut two pieces  to desired size and shape (you will need four pieces for one complete set of mits, square or rectangle) then place ‘right sides’ together, put the same shape/size of padding on top of that and then stich it up around the edges leaving a small opening to turn it right way out when sewn. Once turned out fold the opening and stitch closed to match the rest of the pot holder etc. If it is a mit shape repeat the steps again for the remaining two pieces of towelling and wadding. One both sides are sewn pin them together and stitch around the outside edge leaving the ‘wrist’ open. Turn out and you have a new oven mit.

Wash Cloths

Cut up into wash cloth size and sew some binding around the edges. If you’d rather not go to that extent, cut into wash cloth size then zigzag or over-lock around the edges. They also make great car washing cloths!

Pet Blanket

If you have a pet that likes to jump on the lounge and snuggle up, place an old towel in their favourite spot for them to lie on. It keeps the rest of the couch clean and is so easy to remove for cleaning or if people come over.

Door draught blocker/snake

Roll the old towel up length ways and tie off with string at either end and one or two along the middle. Place along the bottom of any door that has a draught and it will block it off. This will also help keep any creepy crawlies from entering in through the gap.

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