30 Photos Of Zac Efron To Celebrate 30 Years Of GorgeousnessHappy Birthday, Zac!

He may have just turned 30, but he looks sooo ’17 again’.

It may have been a week ago, on October 18th, but we’ll always celebrate the way Zac Efron made us also feel ’17 again’ and in ‘high school.’

Born Zachary David Alexander Efron, Zac has gone from a hunky teenager in High School Musical to a muscled lean hottie in Baywatch and one of today’s promising Hollywood stars.

As we look at his 30 years of existence, here are the reasons why we celebrate the years of this ultimately gorgeous fellow named Zac Efron!

Warning: The following images will leave you breathless…

How he looks so fresh…

via weheartit.com
via weheartit.com
Stay At Home Mum
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Stay At Home Mum
via assets.rbl.ms

The way he sexily scratches his head…

Stay At Home Mum

The way he looks so neat…

Stay At Home Mum
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