Late Night Yummy: The Silver Fox Edition

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Late Night Yummy:  The Silver Fox Edition

It seems that at Stay at Home Mum headquarters, the greyer the celebrity – the hotter they become!

I dunno about you but these men we have listed in here are ageing like fine wine! The older they get, the sweeter their taste is and the more intoxicating they are. Lol! Sorry for the graphical representation but it’s all true!

So turn the air conditioning on high, sit back and relax because you are surely gonna sweat a bit while looking at these beautiful creatures!

Ahhh the Silver Foxes….. We need them in our lives!

Late Night Yummy- The Silver Fox Edition (1)

Joe Manganiello

Well hello Mr. Manganiello! whether he is making hearts race in TV series ER or having all the right moves appearing in Magic Mike. Joe was always going to make our List!!  See him with his shirt off in True Blood!  Sadly girls he is married to Sofia Vergara – who is, let’s face it, equally as hot!  Make me walk funny Alcide!


joe manganiello is so friggin good looking its no 2 27071 1411680403 25 dblbig | Stay at Home

Pierce Brosnan

Suave, sophisticated and almost absurdly handsome, Pierce or aka Bond, James Bond has still got it! If he was an aspirin, I’d take him every four to six hours.

Image result for Pierce Brosnan


Daniel Craig

It’s the baby blues on this babe that makes the knees weak. Daniel Craig aka Bond, James Bond just gets better with age! Hi Honey! His clothing would look fantastic, crumpled in a heap, on my bedroom floor.

Image result for Daniel Craig


Gerard Butler

A Hollywood serial dater, Gerard Butler has dated all of the usual suspects. Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, supermodels, me…. (in my Dreams). I’ve been a bad bad girl Gerard, please spank me!

gerard butler 338598 | Stay at Home


Charlie Hunnam

Charlie went from a Weeny Teen in Queer as Folk to Hunky King Arthur in the blink of an eye. Often starring in ‘My Wildest Dreams’, you can back off ladies, I call dibs!

Image result for Charlie Hunnam


Rupert Graves

Born a rebel, Rupert was breaking rules and resisting authority at an early age. I think it’s safe to say we would all like to get into a lil’ trouble with Mr. Graves, scrap that, I have been bad already I am going to his room.

Image result for Rupert Graves

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Most famous for his role playing Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones. We could watch Nikolaj swing his sword around all day! (And by sword I mean his penis *gasp*!) I can see why his sister liked a bit of Nik (in GOT).

Image result for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


Anderson Cooper

Who knew news could be sexy… well it’s not, unless Anderson Cooper is covering it. Breaking News *pfft*, more like ‘Breaking Hearts.’ In further news, legs are opening across America.

Image result for Anderson Cooper


David Beckham

Kicking goals one way or another, this Silver Fox plays with balls like no other. A quick Google search rates him as having a massive D too….. Just make sure he doesn’t talk, it will spoil it.

Image result for David Beckham grey hair


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