To Be Frank We Love James Franco!

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To Be Frank We Love James Franco!

The beautiful face of James Franco, he’s mysterious, dark and deep. A classy man who is hot hot hot.

James Franco is nothing but yummy, I don’t think a bad photo can ever be taken of him because his face is definitive of perfection! What a hunk!

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James Franco is 38 years old and is an extremely successful actor and filmmaker, starring in multiple award winning films – he is one talented man.

sigh....I miss Freaks and Geeks

At age 34 in 2013 he received a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. He is a now huge success in Hollywood receiving multiple awards.

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He was named Premiere magazine’s Most Handsome Hollywood Man in 2009. Which is absolutely correct, obviously!


For the 2002 Spiderman movie, he played Harry Osborne and he became an instant star. His face was known across Hollywood overnight.

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He is a painter in his spare time -creative and intriguing. Honey feel free to come paint me, any day.

James Franco

James and his friends would shoplift high end cologne and fragrances and sell them to their classmates. Ironically, he became the face for Gucci cologne in 2008.

James Franco

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