7 of SAHM’s Favourite Magazines To Read On The Dunny

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7 of SAHM’s Favourite Magazines To Read On The Dunny

We don’t get that much time to ourselves, admittedly.

But in the brief moments that we do get (pretty much the time we spend on the toilet), we like to catch up on our reading.

Of course, there’s no time for books, so our reading interest is basically magazine. Good news for us is that there are a lot out there, so many in fact that it’s hard to choose. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favourites for you!

1. Donna Hay

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We love to drool over Donna Hay. It’s a great combination of food, style, simplicity and practical tips. The recipes have lots of fresh, seasonal ingredients and are very easy to follow. They’re a great way to motivate or inspire, particularly when we’re a bit over cooking in general. If you love cooking and entertainment like we do, this is your magazine. 

2. Women’s Health & Fitness


The ladies on the cover are, admittedly, not people we compare ourselves to. But there are a lot of things to love about Women’s Health and Fitness magazine. It’s got lots of great information on the fitness and eating habits that work in a healthy lifestyle, as well as great exercise tips from the experts in the industry.

The ultimate foodie magazine. Delicious is pretty much our go-to place for cooking and entertainment inspiration. One of the things we love about Delicious is that it’s really a celebration of food, with lots of well known celebrity contributors that we love. So if you’re looking for the latest food trends, inspiration, ideas and general foodie goodness, this is the magazine for you.

Would you believe this is Australia’s ONLY monthly parenting magazine? Obviously, parenting advice is our bread and butter, but we like to see what some of the other experts are saying on the matter. Practical Parenting covers everything from conception to birth to babies and beyond. It’s a great read every time.

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WellBeing is a magazine that has been around since healing through food, environmental awareness, sustainable living and holistic medicine were pretty out there. Now it’s recognised as one of Australia’s most trusted and respected health and lifestyle magazines. It’s a lofty reputation, but one that we’re happy to agree with. There are lots of great articles from expert sources on everything from beauty to body, and it’s always an interesting read.

5. Australian Traveller


By Australians for Australians, the Australian Traveller is the magazine that admittedly is the closest we usually get to our dream getaway. Sure, it’s not quite the real thing, but we love that it has so many great stories and reviews about travelling in Australia. It’s the most trusted guide to travelling in our great nation, and one of the best selling travel magazines in Australia.

6. WHO


Is anybody really surprised that WHO magazine made this list? It’s all gossip and garbage, but we love it. If you love to keep up to date with all the latest in celebrity mayhem, this is the magazine for you. Every issue serves up a mix of local and international news on all your favourite people and, hate them or love them, we can’t stop reading it.

7. Better Homes & Gardens


Ah the classics! If there’s something we can always depend on this world, it’s Better Homes and Gardens. Packed with practical information and handy hints for just about everywhere in your house, we love the craft projects and the gardening advice in particular. Sure, we dream about the DIY projects, but the most we usually get done is one or two of their scrumptious recipes. Yep, Better Homes and Gardens has it all!


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