Emma Boyce

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Emma Boyce

Name: Emma Boyce

Job Title: Writer

Where Do You Live? Eastern Foothills of Adelaide. Originally from the country, we moved to Adelaide half-way through last year after living in Regional SA since Tyler was born. We decided we wanted a seachange from the countryside, particularly as after living overseas for years I felt I wanted a more vibrant lifestyle. Adelaide creates a happy medium – plenty to do, but not too much hustle and bustle.

Tell Me a Little About Yourself and your Kids: I have a son (Tyler) who is 4, and a daughter (Maya) who is 3. I’m a single, working/studying mum with way too many hobbies, but as a family, we have a great time!

What Did You Do Before Having Kids: I was gleefully frolicking around the UK – living in Scotland, the Isle of Man, Guernsey, England and doing stints throughout Northern Ireland and Europe. I worked as a Facilities Co-Ordinator for the Waterboard in Scotland, and an Underwriter/Accounts Executive on the Isle of Man. I worked hard but played harder – enjoying as many pubs and football matches and tourist destinations the UK and Europe had to offer.

What Do You Do Now (Other than write for SAHM): I study externally – undertaking my Bachelor Degree in Education and have recently coupled that degree with a Bachelor of Science. I have the children home together on Mondays and Wednesdays, then the children each spend one day at home alone with me so they get some one on one time to do activities they like individually. They have a range of hobbies including football, soccer, Geo-caching, and love outings to museums, galleries and wildlife parks/zoos. We are always out and about doing something!

Why Do You Enjoy Working for SAHM?: The simplicity of my days now! I am not rushing in the mornings. My children get to spend time with me rather than me trying to usher them into the car to beat the peak-hour traffic. I enjoy that I can wear what makes me feel happy and comfortable rather than fit a corporate mould. I can eat cupcakes and drink tea whilst I work. I love the team of ladies I get to be a part of. They are all friendly, and warm and such creative women – and all are accepting of everyone and their own backgrounds and situations. And most importantly I love being part of the Stay At Home Mum community. Everyone pools together to create a wealth of knowledge and experience – I don’t think there’s a topic that couldn’t be discussed amongst the members. It’s vibrant, entertaining and friendly.

Three Favourite Things in Life: Apart from my family (because I think that’s a given!) it would be science, music, and humour. I love learning – particularly science. I am a bit of a geek deep down. Doctor Who – check! Star Wars – check! Geek-girl glasses for genuinely bad eyesight – check! I simply love learning; if I could be a student for life, I would. I love music as an outlet. There’s a song for every feeling and emotion. I love nothing more than getting in the car with the music up loud and going for a long drive. I love wit and humour… To me, humour is the answer to everything… If you can’t laugh at yourself and everything around you then you might as well give up! One of my favourite quotes is: “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh.”(Maya Angelou)

Two Things That May Surprise People About You:

1. My dad’s side apparently descends from Gypsies… Which we joke is why I move around so often (I’ve lived in 5 different countries and over 30 houses since I left home at 16!)

2. I can do that party trick from “Twin Peaks” where you tie a cherry stem in a knot using only your tongue!

Top Five of your Favourite Posts You Have Written:

I’m relatively new to contributing regularly to “Stay At Home Mum” – I featured as a Guest Blogger in 2011, and will now be writing general content more often. Watch this space!

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