Jody Allen

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Jody Allen

Name: Jody Allen

Job Title: Founder, Owner and Chief Content Editor of Stay at Home Mum

Where Do You Live? Gympie, QLD

Who are You Mummy and Wifey To? My husband is Brendan and I have two little boys, Nate and Flynn. Also have a dog called Sookie.

What Did You Do Before Having Kids: I was a Minutes Clerk for the local Council. I can type like a demon!

What Do You Do Now (Other than Manage SAHM): SAHM is my whole life! But I do like reading (especially about historical England), renovating and eating.

Why Do You Enjoy Working for SAHM: I get to be on Facebook all day and write about fun things. The girls in the office are good fun and I really enjoy what I do.

Five Favourite Things in Life:

  1. Watching TV from my bed
  2. Game of Thrones
  3. Cups of tea made by my husband (Brendan really does make a wicked cup of tea!!!)
  4. A good book
  5.  Hot cinnamon donuts.

Two Things That May Surprise People About You: I have two tattoos and am totally grey.

Top Five of your Favourite Posts You Have Written:

1. Birth the Musical

2. Tim Tam Balls

3. Fat Tax Machines

4. Slowcooker Lasagna

5. Slutty Chocolate Brownies

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