6 Helpful Tips to Avoid Those Pesky Mosquitoes

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6 Helpful Tips to Avoid Those Pesky Mosquitoes

Most of us don’t even notice when a mosquito sinks its proboscis (stinger-thing) into our arm of leg “” although when the itching begins, there is no way to forget it!

Imagine this for a child, who has absolutely no idea where the new itching sensation has come from, why it hurts and what they can do to stop it.

Insects, especially pesky mosquitoes bite small children more frequently than older children and adults as they are generally less aware of the insect and hence less chance of detection.


The problem many parents have in summer and especially during the school holidays is how to prevent their child from being bitten without using harsh chemical sprays.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are almost everywhere, more so outdoors where children play, so there is no way mosquito bites can be absolutely avoided. However, there are ways you can minimise the likelihood of your child being bitten, especially around the home.

Keep the house bug free!

A trusted product often used is Mortein‘s new NaturGard Auto Protect Eucalyptus, which contains a natural eucalyptus extract and a 100% natural active ingredient. It works by simply setting the automatic timer and leaving it to more effectively keep the bugs outside.

Inspired by Eucalyptus trees from the Blue Mountains National Park, the subtle eucalyptus scent of the product brings the best of the outdoors indoors whilst keeping those pesky insects out.

Avoid areas where bugs congregate.

Parents should be careful where their kids are playing, so they can limit the likelihood for mosquitoes to attack. Avoiding areas such as garbage cans and small pools of water are essential, as well as avoiding outside activities during sunset, when mosquitos are more active.

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Teach positive swatting!

Never panic if you see a mosquito on your child’s skin, it will only draw attention to the inevitable itch and make them paranoid. Get it off with a gentle sweep of your hand and wash the bite area under cold water to prevent swelling.

Teach your child that if they see a mosquito to brush it off their skin gently and continue playing.

Never scratch!

Scratching only makes the sting worse, so it should be discouraged (as hard as that might be!)

Tell your child that scratching will not help the bite but make it worse, and they should rub some ice on the bite, rather than attack it with their fingernails!

Seek a doctor’s advice if you see any signs of infections, redness or swellings. Usually, mosquito bites are not that harmful but some can have a reaction other than an itchy bite.

Helpful Tips to Avoid Those Pesky Summer Mosquitoes


Dress to avoid.

Dress your child in long-sleeved shirts and long pants if you’re going to be where mosquitoes can’t be avoided. Also, be weary of bright colors, as they can attract insects.

Spray when necessary.

For some people, insect repellent and sprays are considered harmful, and they avoid them wherever possible. However, using a product like Aerogard can be a good option for your family. In addition, Mortein NaturGuard Auto Protect works automatically to keep the bugs outside. Only the eucalyptus product contains a natural eucalyptus extract inspired by the Australian National Parks and contains a 100% natural active ingredient.

“More smart, more safe, Mortein”!

Helpful Tips to Avoid Those Pesky Summer Mosquitoes

As part of Mortein’s National Parks campaign, they pledge a donation of 50 cents from every pack purchased to the Foundation for National Parks:- to the value of $50,000

Helpful Tips to Avoid Those Pesky Mosquitoes | Stay at Home Mum

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