10 Life Skills We Don’t Teach Kids At School

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10 Life Skills We Don’t Teach Kids At School

For so many things, school is a wonderful and necessary experience. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

There are so many skills, things that kids need to know for their everyday life, that aren’t taught in schools at all. With parents often busy working and organising their families, they don’t always pick up the slack, leaving kids without valuable knowledge for their future.

So just what are the life skills that schools are failing to teach? Well, here are some that we’ve put together.

10 Life Skills We Don't Teach Kids At School

Concrete Skills

Concrete skills are the hands-on skills, the ones we’re using on a regular basis that are definitely necessary for an adult life.

1. Cooking


When kids don’t learn to cook, they miss out on a range of other associated skills, in particular those related to health and nutrition. Not learning to cook means being reliant on processed and convenience foods, which is a sure-fire recipe for ill-health. All kids should learn basic cooking skills, which can be expanded on as they grow.

2. Household Maintenance

Basic household maintenance skills are often not taught because they’re jobs that don’t happen everyday. But when your child moves out of home and lives alone, these skills will be really useful. Knowing how to change lightbulbs, unblock drains, clean gutters, maintain garden tools, clean air conditioners, fix leaks and so much more means less money is spent on outside help.

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