10 Questionable Kids Crafts That Will Make you Giggle

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10 Questionable Kids Crafts That Will Make you Giggle

Sometimes kids say the darndest… sometimes they draw them!

I personally have a collection of my kids’ art, like all mums do, but I like to group them into two categories: those I can frame and give to gran and gramps and those I’d rather keep, well, private. Don’t get me wrong: I love the “embarrassing” artwork but sometimes I look at what my boy is drawing, giggle a bit, and then act like it never happened. Sorry kids, mum loves you but those are going inside the vault!

A quick internet sweep showed me that I am far from alone. Yasss! Misery loves company, so here are 10 questionable kids crafts that will certainly make you and me giggle!

Questionable Kids Crafts That Will Make you Giggle | Stay at Home Mum

1. When mummy really needs to pee but has to hand out presents.


Is that a bucket or a handbag?

2. We all know what these muddy footprint-reindeer really look like…


Do this if you don’t want overstaying Christmas guests!

(Don’t forget to wipe your kids’ footprints off the floor with #TheOriginalChux!)

3. Fart is the first F-word that comes to my mind, too.


No, really.

4. Happy Farter’s Day!


If love is mum’s driving force, you know what dad’s is!

5. I need explanation; I don’t even know where to begin.


Mum, puh-lease!

6. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, kid.


‘On second thought, you do need to improve your spelling.

7. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, mate!


Good job, little vigilante.

8. A picture really does tell a thousand words.


She’ll want some what to go with it? Tell me!

9. When a promising melted crayon art ends up looking like explosive diarrhoea…


They even got the colours correct, too!

10. And this valuable piece of advice. A gem, I must say.


Just… go… poop!

As much as we’d like to keep them hidden forever, the truth is we’re just waiting for the right time to unearth them and show them to the world… on their 18th and 21st birthdays! I am already shivering with excitement.

So even though they draw the darndest, heinously embarrassing things, I say keep giving your kids crayons and papers and let their imagination run wild. Just remember to keep the most incriminating ones away and then clean up the mess with CHUX Original Superwipes… like it never happened!

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