10 Seriously Helpful Homework Hacks For Parents To Help Kids

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For many parents, and many kids, homework is a hassle no matter the form it comes in.

With grumbling, complaining or full on tantrums from both parties, it’s easy to see why it’s far from a favourite activity.

However, the fact remains that in the current Australian curriculum, homework is considered to serve a purpose in the learning experience, which means it shouldn’t be avoided or abandoned. That doesn’t make it easier to get through, but these helpful homework hacks might!

10 Seriously Helpful Homework Hacks For Parents To Help Kids

1. Make It Regular


Homework, like exercise and bowel movements, makes the most difference when its done regularly. If you’re struggling to get your kids on top of their homework, it makes sense to set aside a certain time every single day for home study. Now, if your child doesn’t get homework every day, this time could be used for independent reading or off-screen activities. Over time, a regularly scheduled homework time will make it easier for kids to get in the mood for homework.

2. Space To Study

As well as a time to study, kids need a place to study. At the kitchen table is ok, just as long as there aren’t a lot of distractions going on around them. If you have little kids in the home who aren’t yet in school, you might find easier to put your homework-doers in one space and your little kids in another. Kids should have a big enough space to spread out with their papers, a comfortable chair, and a pleasant temperature. Kids who are cramped, or too hot or cold, are unlikely to be able to concentrate.

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