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Breastfeeding has always amazed us here at SAHM, showing just how a mother’s body nourishes her child.

Obviously, not everyone can breastfeed, and not everyone chooses to breastfeed, but it is still pretty cool!

Here are some of our favourite amazing facts about breastfeeding, breast milk, and the mums behind the mammaries.

1. Right Boobs Generally Make More Milk


Breastfeeding mums will probably know what you’re talking about if you say ‘the lazy lefty’. Researchers aren’t sure why, but about 75% of women make more milk on the right side, regardless of whether they’re left or right handed, and no matter how much they feed on the left side!

2. Breast Milk Has Healing Powers


Breast milk is amazing stuff, but there’s more in it than a decent meal. Breast milk can also be used to help clear up ear infections, pink eye, sore throats and even conjunctivitis. Check with your doctor though before you try it out!

3. And It Changes To Suit

One of the most incredible things about breast milk is that it’s able to change its nutritional content depending on what the baby needs, both day to day and even feed to feed. When babies are sick, the milk is richer, and in the summer, it contains more water content to keep babies hydrated!

4. Successful Breastfeeding Reduces PPD Risk


Breastfeeding successfully has been found to lessen a mum’s chance of being diagnosed with postpartum depression, according to the International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine. They say this is due to the release of oxytocin when breastfeeding happens successfully.

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