20 Photos To Describe Life With ToddlersParenting is hard..

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Perhaps you’re a new parent. Or maybe you want to be a parent someday. 

Here’s something you should know though….there is nothing you can do to prepare yourself to be a parent.. especially a parent of a toddler.

Once those creatures learn how to crawl, roll or walk, then you’re doomed. Do you know why it sucks? You can’t hate them because they’re soo cute! That ‘I’m not guilty face’ must be some kind of superpower. Hmmm…

These photos absolutely describe what it is like to have a toddler. Parents unite!

1) So I guess we’re out of flour then…


2) They like mud.. absolutely.

I’m starting to think they’re not human.

3) Because paper is too “mainstream”..


4) Maybe she’ll grow up to be an artist?

Maybe Picasso did the same thing when he was a toddler..20 Photos To Describe Life With Toddlers

5) Maybe it’s Maybelline..


6) I was supposed to make omelettes this morning..

But I ran out of eggs.


7) He wanted to go alone he said…


8) “Mum you are not going to believe what just happened..”

9) “I thought it was snow!”


10) “How do you remove permanent marker ink from a baby’s face? Asking for a friend.”


11) Spaghetti Mess..a classic.

20 Photos To Describe Life With Toddlers
via motherandbaby.co.uk

12) When you turn your back for 8 seconds..

20 Photos To Describe Life With Toddlers

13) I can’t even..


20 Photos To Describe Life With Toddlers

14) Never leave dogs in the vicinity of a toddler. They’ll get drawn on just like everything else!


15) Especially one who just discovered a drawer full of crayons and markers.


16) There goes that I’m not guilty face.


17) Never take a phone call in the middle of eating. EVER.


18) Dad and daughter bonding time!


19) Went in the house to get something..came back to this.


20) Someone learned to open the fridge.

Major milestone.




Parenting is hard.

Parenting a toddler is an absolute disaster!

But instead of getting all emotional, I just remind myself that they’re gonna grow fast and soon enough this house would clean and quiet. So I tell myself to enjoy this phase, shrug it off and laugh it out while cleaning this bloody mess they made!

20 Photos To Describe Life With Toddlers

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