8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

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  • 8 Interesting Parenting News Stories You Missed Today

What parenting news stories have you missed today? We’re bringing you the news stories that caught our attention today – from a new 24-hour telehealth service for Australians to various adults forcing kids to do stuff without their parents’ consent.


8. Pro-gay marriage frontbenchers urged to resign

Parenting News Stories | Stay At Home Mum
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According to senior cabinet Minister Christopher Pyne, there are calls for government frontbenchers who support gay marriage to resign. Mr Pyne said that while everyone is entitled to his own opinion, the call for resignation will not help. On the other hand, yesterday, Senate Leader Eric Abetz argued that those who cannot support party policy should step down from their positions.

Liberal frontbencher Concetta Fierravanti-Wells also stated that “Colleagues who gave commitments to their preselectors and party supporters to support family values and traditional marriage should abide by that commitment and abide by party policy.”

There are 123 Coalition MPs, and around three-fifths oppose same-sex marriage, but some are open to  doing a conscience vote. One-fifth moves to change the Marriage Act, while the remaining one-fifth remains undecided or undeclared.

Source: TheAustralian.com.au

7. Mum forced to breastfeed newborn baby outside Asda supermarket

Parenting News Stories | Stay At Home Mum
Jennifer Wiffen and her baby via dailymail.co.uk

28-year old single mum Jennifer Wiffen was with her 2-week old daughter, Illiana, and had just left Asda in Telford, Shropshire but moments later, her newborn baby was getting hungry. There were also no available taxis during the time because of a nearby Boyzone concerts. Thinking of breastfeeding inside the baby-changing facilities of the supermarket, the two returned.

However, to her surprise, the manager did not allow her to go back inside because they were closing in 15 minutes. She was left with no other option and had to breastfeed her child in the shop’s doorway. Strangers and passers-by reportedly pleaded the supermarket’s staff to let her in or, at least, bring her a chair, and the staff asked the manager, but the manager did not pay heed to the requests. According to Ms Wiffen, she felt “mortified and humiliated.”

“It was quite cold as well so I had to wrap a blanket round my baby. I had no other choice but to stand up and struggle to feed her in the doorway with loads of people walking past. It’s really difficult breastfeeding a baby standing up. I just wanted somewhere to sit down,” Ms Wiffen said.

Source: DailyMail.co.uk

6. Dentist allegedly straps girl to ‘papoose board’ to pull out front teeth

Parenting News Stories | Stay At Home Mum
The full-body restraint via wsbtv.com

In Georgia, James Crow, the father of 5-year old Elizabeth, is understandably furious with a dentist from Georgia after discovering the latter’s preferred method of restraining kids who do not want their teeth pulled out: a papoose board. When he heard her daughter scream during the procedure, James burst into the room and found her daughter in full-body restraint. “I couldn’t see my kid in the body bag just strapped down to the bed,” he said.

The dental clinic in question, Smiles-R-Us, has not responded to the allegations yet. While the restraint board is legal in Georgia, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry insists that it should be used as a last resort because it can be harmful.

Sources: NYDailyNews.com | WSBTV.com

5. Seattle 6th graders get fitted with IUDs without their parents’ knowledge

Parenting News Stories | Stay At Home Mum
An IUD via cnsnews.com

In 13 public schools in Seattle, most middle-school and high school students cannot get a candy bar or a Coca Cola. However, they certainly have access to the government-provided, taxpayer-funded IUDs or intra-uterine devices and can have them implanted even without their parents’ consent. Apparently, IUDs are not the only long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) that students have free access to because the clinics of these 13 schools also offer hormonal implants.

This service is made possible by Take Charge, a Washington State Medicaid program, which stated that “We encourage all Take Charge providers to offer long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) in their clinics. A young person does not need parental consent to obtain a LARC or any other contraceptive method…If the young person is not choosing abstinence, she would be able to select a LARC and have it inserted without parental consent.”

LARCs have been long associated with serious side effects like infection and uterine perforation.

Source: CNSNews.com

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