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Epic Cubby Houses You Can Buy Online in Australia

Trying to think of a good way to get the kids off the screen out outside playing over Summer? Why not grab a cubby house.  I have fond memories of my tree house as a kid – we spent hours hiding from our parents, reading books and swinging on the tyre underneath – that is until a nest of paper wasps decided to move in close by.  Note to self – never try and swat paper wasps with a badminton racket!

Here are our absolute favourites!  10 Epic Cubby Houses that you can buy online in Australia.

1. The Princess Super Barbie Palace

The most epic cubby house for little girls!  Imagine the sheer squeals of joy of delight on Christmas morning! Get your own little Princess a real-life castle.  The Princess Super Barbie Palace has a door with a door knocker (that makes epic knocking and bell sounds). Available from November 2020 but only available whilst stocks last.

Feber Princess Super Barbie Palace


2. Two Storey Wooden Playhouse

Ohhhhh I adore this double-storey timber playhouse!  It has a cosy downstairs playroom, an internal ‘staircase’ (ie ladder) and a spacious but safe verandah up the top.  The timber is all pressure-treated using an environmentally friendly preservative – so you don’t have to stain the timber or paint it year after year.

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3. Pop Up Dream Princess Play Tent Cubby House in Pink

This is perfect if you are living in a rental property or a unit where you can’t have a ‘structure’ outside.  Inspired by a fairy tale, this adorable little Princess tent is perfect for indoor use.  Available in both pink and blue, the tent is lightweight, portable and easy to erect.

Price: $89.00

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4.  Modern Timber Outdoor Playhouse

  • RRP: $489.00
  • 59kg

An adorable timber playhouse with an added picnic table, mailbox and outdoor grill – your little people will feel like they have a home all of their own!

More information here>

Modern Outdoor Playhouse | Stay at Home Mum

5. Meadow Cottage Playhouse Set


6. Timber Trail Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

7. Kids Outdoor Cubby House

8. Backyard Discovery Spring Cottage

9. Kids Wooden Cottage

10. Teepee Tent Cubby House

11. Kids Wombat Outdoor Play House

12. Backyard Discovery Aspen Cubby House

13. Deluxe Adventurer Cubby House Set with Slide

14. Kids Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge Play Centre



What are your Cubby House Goals for 2020?

Epic Cubby Houses You Can Buy Online in Australia | Stay at Home Mum