10 Family Friendly Things To Do in NT

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The Northern Territory is a big empty place, with nothing for families to do. Or is it?

Actually, despite being pretty big compared to the size of its population, the Northern Territory is packed full of amazing and interesting activities that families will love. From seeing the unique wildlife to exploring the incredible places, and meeting some pretty amazing people, here are 10 super family friendly things you’re going to love in the Northern Territory.


1. Get Up Close With Some Crocodiles

The Northern Territory is home to, by some estimates, well over a hundred thousand crocodiles. These ancient beasts swim in the waterways, and offer entertainment that everyone in the family will scream for. You can see them in Darwin city at Crocosaurus Cove, or just out of town at Crocodylus Park, where you’ll also have a chance to learn more about them. Alternatively, see them in the wild on one of the Jumping Crocodile cruises on the Adelaide River, for a show like nothing you’ve ever seen.

10 Family Friendly Things to do in NT | Stay At Home Mum

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2. Get Wild At The Territory Wildlife Park

It’s not just crocodiles you’ll find in the Northern Territory. The Top End is also home to an ark full of weird and wonderful native wildlife. Like much of Australia’s wildlife, the Northern Territory’s is particularly shy. The best place to see it then is at the Territory Wildlife Park, where you’ll not only find enclosures aplenty, but also family friendly animal shows and Ask The Keeper talks.

10 Family Friendly Things to do in NT | Stay At Home Mum

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3. Swim At Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park, located just a few hours drive from Darwin, is a wonderful fun-filled day out for families. There are a number of stunning swimming areas in the park that kids of all ages will love, as well as walks, gorgeous views and amazing waterfalls. Due to the location of the swimming areas, most remain accessible all year around.

10 Family Friendly Things to do in NT | Stay At Home Mum

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4. See Darwin’s Many Markets

When it comes to markets, few places do it better than the Northern Territory’s capital city, Darwin. Bringing together entertainment, handmade crafts, jewellery, clothing, produce, international food, and so much more, families will be full from experiencing them. Check out Saturday morning’s market at Parap Village Centre, or the Sunday morning one at Nightcliff. Sunday morning might also find you at Rapid Creek’s produce market, while Sunday afternoon entertains at Mindil Beach Sunset Markets, which also run on Thursday. And that’s just the beginning!

10 Family Friendly Things to do in NT | Stay At Home Mum

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5. Go Walking At Uluru And Kata Tjuta

Whether you decide to drive (from Darwin or elsewhere) or fly in, Alice Springs, Uluru and Kata Tjuta are must sees for every Australian in their lifetime. For families, these incredible rock landmarks are the backdrop for memories that kids and parents won’t soon forget. You can walk around, and through, these two monoliths, as well as learn about the culture of the people who lived in the area centuries ago.

10 Family Friendly Things to do in NT | Stay At Home Mum

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