10 Family Friendly Things To Do In TasmaniaPerfect For The Holidays!

8. Seahorse World

Seahorse World | Stay At Home Mum

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Seahorses are amazing animals, and Tasmania’s Seahorse World is the perfect place for your entire family to discover that. Dedicated to the most fragile and delicately beautiful animals of the sea, Seahorse World provides lots of information about seahorses, as well as opportunities for kids and adults to get hands-on with these creatures, and some of the others that inhabit the big wide ocean. The centre is even home to Sea Dragons, a rare distant cousin of the seahorse.

7. Berry Picking At Sorell Fruit Farm

Sorell Fruit Farm | Stay At Home Mum

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Tasmania is well known for its fruits, particularly the apple and berries. IF you’re visiting at the right time, Tasmania is a great place to go fruit picking for fun, such as at the Sorell Fruit Farm. From November to May, families can wander in the gorgeous farm and pick a wide variety of berries, see the wildlife, enjoy the cafe, and purchase jams and honeys from the producers.

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