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There is nothing more thrilling then a good scary movie watched during a cold night.

Feels like a death wish right? But it actually feels so good after you have conquered your “fears.” You go, brave soul. Watch more creepy movies.

Here are ten that are sure to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

1. Silence Of The Lambs

“Hello Clarice…”

It’s enough to make you shiver. FBI Agent Clarice Starling is trying to stop a serial killer. What better way to catch a serial killer then to enlist the help of another? She procures the assistance of Dr Hannibal Lector, a psychiatrist who earned the name ‘Hannibal The Cannibal’. She must first gain his confidence if she is to catch the man named ‘Buffalo Bill’ before he kills his next victim.
Staring: Jodie Foster & Anthony Hopkins

2. The Ring

This movie is just creepy! There is an urban legend that if you watch a particular video, you will become cursed and only have seven days to live. Whilst investigating her niece’s death, journalist Rachel Keller unknowingly becomes the curse’s next victim.
Staring: Naomi Watts

3. What Lies Beneath

Super scary on so many levels. It scared the beejepers out of me! Clair Spenser is starting to hear voices. She is also seeing the image of a young woman. As time goes on, the contact between her and this ghostly presence increases. She fears that she is losing her sanity; but what she uncovers whilst trying to find out the woman’s identity is far more sinister.
Staring: Michelle Pfeiffer & Harrison Ford

4. Single White Female

Alison ‘Allie’ Jones needs help to pay the rent so she decides to get a roommate. She places an advertisement for a like-minded person and meets Hedra ‘Hedy’ Carlson. Soon, Hedra starts to imitate Allie. She starts to dress like Allie – she even cuts and colours her hair the same. What starts as a simple friendship, and an act of flattery, soon becoming something far more dangerous. A chilling, cautionary tale that will have you considering getting a second job rather than a roommate.
Staring: Bridget Fonda & Jennifer Jason Leigh

5. The Sixth Sense

This movie may have you looking at things a little differently and jumping at every sound you hear. Cole Sear is a troubled, and lonely, young boy. His mother is becoming increasingly worried. Malcolm Crowe, child psychologist, is hired to try and help Cole. It soon becomes clear that Cole is different from most children – he sees dead people.
Staring: Bruce Willis & Haley Joel Smith

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