20 Must Have Board GamesAnd Some Extras For Family Fun...

These classic board game might be a cure for your kid’s addiction to computer and Ipads.  

This might be their new definition of fun because kids can get away from the screen

Some might claim it’s only goodies for the oldies. But let’s admit these classic board games encouraged a deal of creativity, strategic skills and competitiveness. Plus, no one get behind the fun cos it can be played and enjoyed by anyone and for any ages.

Make the most out of your family  time with these 20 must have board games:

20 Must Have Board Games

1. Monopoly

This is a classic game that has been enjoyed by many families for 100 years. The players pretend to a real estate mogul who must aim to win the game by being the last player who has money. Aside that this game is fun, it also gives a better understanding of shrewd financial and investment principles, patience, focus and decisiveness.


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2. The Game Of Life

Take an exciting journey in life in this fun-filled game. In this game, players will encounter certain situations experienced in real life. One has to spin the wheel of Milton Bradley board game to know your luck- either one can be a millionaire or go broke.

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3. Cluedo

A classic detective game kids with a modern twist! Find out the culprit in murder at the billionaire’s mansion. If your right about all details of the case- location, suspect and weapon- you’re one great detective.

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