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20 Must Have Board Games - Stay at Home Mum

20 Must Have Board Games

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20 Must Have Board Games

These classic board game might be a cure for your kid’s addiction to computer and Ipads.  

This might be their new definition of fun because kids can get away from the screen

Some might claim it’s only goodies for the oldies. But let’s admit these classic board games encouraged a deal of creativity, strategic skills and competitiveness. Plus, no one get behind the fun cos it can be played and enjoyed by anyone and for any ages.

Make the most out of your family  time with these 20 must have board games:

20 Must Have Board Games

1. Monopoly

This is a classic game that has been enjoyed by many families for 100 years. The players pretend to a real estate mogul who must aim to win the game by being the last player who has money. Aside that this game is fun, it also gives a better understanding of shrewd financial and investment principles, patience, focus and decisiveness.


Board Games

2. The Game Of Life

Take an exciting journey in life in this fun-filled game. In this game, players will encounter certain situations experienced in real life. One has to spin the wheel of Milton Bradley board game to know your luck- either one can be a millionaire or go broke.

Board Games

3. Cluedo

A classic detective game kids with a modern twist! Find out the culprit in murder at the billionaire’s mansion. If your right about all details of the case- location, suspect and weapon- you’re one great detective.

Board Games

4. Trivial Pursuit

The world’s famous game has sold over a million copies in 26 countries.

Board Games

5. Connect Four

Also called four in a row, is a game that challenges kids critical thinking and math skills. To be the winner, plan ahead and modify your strategy.

Board Games

6. Guess Who?

An exciting memory game that will test your kid’s memory skills. It’s an incredible blend of deduction method that would encourage kids to ask smarter and more specific to know the mystery face.

Board Games

7. Scrabble

Sharpen your kid’s vocabulary in this fast-paced word game by placing your tiles in crossword fashion to double or triple your points.

Board Games

8. Battle Ships

It might be hard to win because you can’t see your opponent’s pieces. But once you learn the algorithm, it mproves your chances to sink your rival’s ship before he sinks yours.

Board Games

9. Pictionary

The best party game of sketches and funny guesses loved by children and adults .


Board Games

10. Backgammon

It’s probably one of the oldest board game but it has not lost its tang of excitement and competition. Each plays a piece after rolling of a dice. Whoever comes first in removing all his pieces on the board wins the game.

Board Games

11. Checkers

Originally invented by the Egyptians, this 400-year-old board game is more than moving black and red chips on the board. Crown more pieces than your opponent then you’re sure to have a good chance of winning.

Board Games

12. Chess

The rules in chess are easy even kids as young as 5 can learn how to play the game. Even in its simplicity, this brainy and logical game leads to a lot of complexities that evenpros have difficulty mastering.

Board Games

13. Trouble

This game of race and chase comes with a simple concept: player wins the game by sending four pieces all around the board through a roll of a dice. Players must press the pop-o-matic dome must be pressed to roll the dice and each player hopes to get a good chance of winning the game.

Board Games

14. Mastermind

If your a geek parent then this is the board game you’ll love your kids to have. It’s an educational game for young scientist that trains them to do problem solving, strategy, mathematical algorithms and feedback mechanism and learning.


Board Games

15. Scattergories

It’s an exciting and fast-paced game for kids and adults to enjoy. After rolling the dice, players must be able to name a show, vegetable, place, band name that begins with the right letter. If your answer matched with another player, both get zero point.

Board Games

16. Taboo

The game of unspeakable fun! Enhance your kids word power by playing this word and concept association game. Kids should try to get another player to guess a word withou using the 5 words enlisted in the card. This enables them to use synonyms, ideas and concept to help the other guess the right word.


Board Games

17. Mousetrap

We dare you to build a mousetrap while avoiding getting trapped by your opponents.
Board Games

18. Operation

Will you be the great doctor that will save Cavity Sam? Press his nose to know the operation is successful or else he will tell you what to grab next.

Board Games

19. Snakes and Ladders

An Indian worldwide classic game loved from generation to generation. The goal of the game is to be first one to reach the finish line through the roll of a dice in a series of snakes and ladders on your way to the top.


Board Games

20. Chinese Checkers

The rules are easy and even kids can learn how to play them.

“The objective is to be first to race one’s pieces across the hexagram-shaped board into “home”””the corner of the star opposite one’s starting corner””using single-step moves or moves that jump over other pieces. The remaining players continue the game to establish second-, third-, fourth-, fifth-, and last-place finishers.Like other skill-based games, Chinese checkers involves strategy. The rules are simple, so even young children can play.”

Board Games


21. Uno

It’s a classic card game of matching colours and cards with the obective of being the player who gets rids of all the cards on hand. This game is highly recommended for all kids from 5 and up. The game enhances kids memory retention and flexibility to adapt as each opponent gives new tactics. Board Game

22. Yahtzee

It’s a game of strategy by rolling 5 dice to come up with a specific combinations.

“The object of the game is to score points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations. The dice can be rolled up to three times in a turn to try to make various scoring combinations. A game consists of thirteen rounds. After each round the player chooses which scoring category is to be used for that round. Once a category has been used in the game, it cannot be used again. The scoring categories have varying point values, some of which are fixed values and others where the score depends on the value of the dice. A Yahtzee is five-of-a-kind and scores 50 points; the highest of any category. The winner is the player who scores the most points.”

Board Games

23. Cards Against Humanity

The Cards Against Humanity website provides the rules of the game:

” To start the game, each player draws ten White Cards.

The person who most recently pooped begins as the Card Czar and plays a Black Card. The Card Czar reads the question or fill-in-the-blank phrase on the Black Card out loud.

Everyone else answers the question or fills in the blank by passing one White Card, face down, to the Card Czar.

The Card Czar shuffles all of the answers and shares each card combination with the group. For full effect, the Card Czar should usually re-read the Black Card before presenting each answer. The Card Czar then picks the funniest play, and whoever submitted it gets one Awesome Point.

After the round, a new player becomes the Card Czar, and everyone draws back up to ten White Cards. ”

Board Games

24. Dominos

It’s a classic but still addictive games for all ages. It’s a game of laying out your dominos to create matching combinations to score a great points and be the first one to hand over your tiles.

Board Games

25. Mahjong

This game is a good exercise for the brain especially for the elderly.

Board Games

26. Twister

Board games can get physical sometimes. The game involves playing on a large mat on the floor while players figures out to execute combinations according to a spinner. Onle one person can place a hand or foot in a circle.


Board Games

27. Boggle

This spells fun for the entire family. Shake the letters, start the timer and start hunting for words from different directions: up, down, diagonally or sideways.

Board Games

Which board game is your favourite? 

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