20 Must Have Board GamesAnd Some Extras For Family Fun...

13. Trouble

This game of race and chase comes with a simple concept: player wins the game by sending four pieces all around the board through a roll of a dice. Players must press the pop-o-matic dome must be pressed to roll the dice and each player hopes to get a good chance of winning the game.

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14. Mastermind

If your a geek parent then this is the board game you’ll love your kids to have. It’s an educational game for young scientist that trains them to do problem solving, strategy, mathematical algorithms and feedback mechanism and learning.


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15. Scattergories

It’s an exciting and fast-paced game for kids and adults to enjoy. After rolling the dice, players must be able to name a show, vegetable, place, band name that begins with the right letter. If your answer matched with another player, both get zero point.

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