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It’s raining outside, the kids are driving you nuts by demanding crackers, Playschool music to sing to and scrapping over the last toy that hasn’t found its way onto the crumb-ridden car floor.

You are feeling frazzled, sleep-deprived and faintly pleased that you made it through a stop at the bakery for the bread you ran out of without incident.

Then you see it – a rainbow peeks out from behind the clouds, and everything seems better.

Well, that’s the effect that they have on me anyway.

No matter what the weather, making, crafting and playing anything to do with rainbows can brighten everyone up.

Crafting you say? With glue, paint and glitter? Why would I do that to myself?

Believe it or not, it will save your sanity because kids are in their element when they can explore, experiment and learn new things through play and I find it’s worth the potential for mess and chaos if they can enjoy themselves and actually work together on something for more than a few minutes.

Plus, there is a special ally I call on in times like these – Chux Superwipes!

They’ve been around forever, my mum used them to clean us up when we were kids, and they are useful for any spills, splashes and even cleaning up the kids because they aren’t pre-treated with chemicals before they are packed and ready to go.

So, without further ado, here’s 20 cool rainbow crafts and games to enjoy in all kinds of weather!

Rainbow Craft and Games | Stay At Home Mum

1. Rainbow Sun Catcher

Rainbow Craft and Games | Stay At Home Mum

Cut a paper plate in half and glue crepe paper or ribbons with all of the colours of the rainbow underneath. Then your little one can decorate the paper plate with a rainbow drawing or something else entirely. Let them get creative!

2. Watermelon Rind Rainbows

Rainbow Craft and Games | Stay At Home Mum

Once you’ve polished off a delicious morning tea of watermelon, keep the rind slices and give them a wash. Dip watermelon rinds into different coloured paints and stamp onto paper to make a truly awesome rainbow.

3. Rainbow Paint

Sometimes the best masterpieces are created when you let the kids go freestyle! Arm them with lots of different coloured paints, some craft paper and a Chux Scourer Sponge. Using the sponge will create interesting lines and patterns that your kids will find amusing and the scourer will make one beautiful rainbow!

You can also use a comb, potato stampers and other items to help them create some interesting patterns and textures.

4. Rainbow I Spy Bottles

Rainbow Craft and Games | Stay At Home Mum
via CBC

All you need is a clean plastic bottle and coloured trinkets to create a game that will provide hours of entertainment. Sort the trinkets by colour (make sure they can fit through the bottle neck) and photograph each colour group.

Throw them all in along with some coloured rice to provide a greater challenge for the older kids. Then the challenge begins – the kids have to find each item on the cards by twisting and turning the bottle around.

Oh, and it might be a good idea to superglue the lid on so you don’t end up with a rainbow rice mess!

5. Rainbow Treasure Hunt

Rainbow Craft and Games | Stay At Home Mum
via A Little Delightful

This is a great game for teaching colours to little ones. All gather in one room and select a colour, then everyone heads off to find a toy or other household item in that colour.

The first one back to the gathering spot wins and can choose the next colour.

Don’t like a race? Let them go freestyle and bring different coloured objects to your gathering spot and you can sort them all together.

6. Rainbow Soap Foam

Chux Like it never happened | Stay At Home Mum

Instead of drawing a rainbow, feel the rainbow! Mix 2 tbsp of dish washing liquid and ¼ cup of water with food colouring or liquid watercolours and mix on high for 1-2 minutes until it forms stiff peaks, then scoop out into a container and play!

You can do this several times to make different colours and let the kids enjoy playing in the soft foam and experimenting with colour combinations (great for teaching primary colours!). For additional fun add some cars or toy plastic dinosaurs to wash in the mix!

PS. For any mess keep a trusty Chux Superwipe on hand! Highly absorbent they will soak up any soap foam they has escaped the fun!

*Caution: Food colouring is non-washable and may cause some staining. We recommend using liquid watercolours as they are washable. This activity is also not recommended for very young children who may put the soap in their mouths or eyes. If your child has sensitive skin, substitute the dishwashing liquid for whatever bath bubbles they use.

 7. Bubble Prints

Rainbow Craft and Games | Stay At Home Mum
via www.housingaforest.com

Make a coloured bubble solution by stirring in paint powder until you have a thick paint (make sure you can still blow bubbles in it.) If you make red, yellow and blue, you can then mix paints to create other colours.

Then hand your child a straw to blow big bubbles into the mixture and capture it by pressing paper onto the bubbles. No two pictures will ever be the same!

8. Cotton Ball Rainbow

Stay At Home Mum
Why not teach the colours of the rainbow all while having fun and getting messy? Cotton balls make an awesome addition to any craft activity, so your kids will love this vibrant cotton ball rainbow craft! Dip them into different colours to create a rainbow with real texture or glue white cotton balls down to make fluffy clouds.

9. Get European With a Rock Pile

Chux Like It never happened | Stay At Home Mum

But this will be a rock pile with pizzaz. Paint your rocks different colours and then try to stack them up in rainbow order, or break the rules and mix it up!

10. Rainbow Wind Socks

Chux Like it never happened | Stay At Home Mum

Re purpose an old (clean) milk bottle by cutting the top off and keeping the end with the handle. Then tie on ribbons, crepe paper or string in the colours of the rainbow to the wide end and set the kids free in the back yard to catch the wind and see their rainbow twirl.

And remember, don’t stress about encouraging your child’s creativity. Let them imagine, inspire and create and keep a Chux Original Superwipe nearby to make it #likeitneverhappened.

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