21 Apple Themed Gifts for Teachers

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21 Apple Themed Gifts for Teachers

Teachers get apples for every occasion.

Christmas, back to school, Teacher’s day.. Apples never fail to remind teachers how loved and appreciated they are by their students — or their student’s parents.


1) A Thank-You Art Frame

Many of these types of frames can be downloaded from Etsy and then you just pop them in a frame!

image 0

We love this one from Etsy!

2) Make An Apple Mason Jar

These are really easy to make at home!  Grab a mason jar (most kitchen shops stock them) and some red paint. Paint the inside of the mason jar and allow to dry.  Tie some twine around the top with a few cardboard green leaves.  Fill with pencils – done!

MCaughey masonjar pencil holder | Stay at Home


3) A Jar full of sweets!

314 | Stay at Home

Fill it up with their favourite candy!

4) Personalised Teachers Apple Socks

These Personalised Pink Teachers Apple Socks make the perfect gift for that hard to buy teacher at the end of the year! They can be personalised in a pretty Script font with any message you decide.

Stockist: Hard to Find

Pink Teachers Socks

Grab them from Hard to Find for $24.99 with free shipping

5) A Personalised Tote Bag Saying ‘You Are Totes the Best Teacher!’

Easily personalized and also very practical.

Stockist: Hard to Find

ksarsq2qfhcatpzrtw5t | Stay at Home


| Stay at Home

Grab this Tote Bag from Hard to Find for $49.50 with free shipping

6) A bucket full of apples

Grab a basket at a local stationery store and fill with both red and green apples.  Add a label!  Easy and thoughtful!

65 | Stay at Home


7) A ‘Make Your Own’ Toffee Apple Scented Bath Bomb Kit

This gorgeous little kit makes 5 delicious toffee apple scented bath bombs.

huckleberry bath bombs kit tropicana life x5s9 vs | Stay at Home

Stockist: Yellow Octopus for $26.99

8) An apple card

85 | Stay at Home


With a sweet message from the heart!

9) An apple wall decor

95 | Stay at Home


10) A shirt like this..

105 | Stay at Home


11) A sign like this!

118 | Stay at Home
via Pinterest


12) More wall art..

124 | Stay at Home
via Pinterest


13) A jar for putting clips

134 | Stay at Home


and what nots!

14) And more wall art..

153 | Stay at Home
via Pinterest


15) Something cute..

163 | Stay at Home


to put on top of those book shelves.

16) Apple cookies

172 | Stay at Home


for munching the weekdays away..

17) A cross stitched apple 

182 | Stay at Home
via burned candles to make!

18) Some Apple Chalkboard decor!

192 | Stay at Home

or for scrapbooking.

19) Apple scented bubble bath!

201 | Stay at Home

20) Crocheted Mug rug

21 Apple Themed Gifts for Teachers - Stay at Home Mum

Much special if you made it yourself!

What other apple themed gifts can you think of?

Let’s grow this list.. share with us in the comments!

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