20 Ways to Relive Your Childhood And Be The Coolest Parent EVER

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Relive your childhood? It’s not absurb. The answer should be.. why not?

One of the best things about being a parent is that you have an excuse to act like a child.

I will be the first to admit that doing simple child activities is actually quite enjoyable and without my kids, I would simply be that somewhat crazy person that plays with Play-Doh on her own. I love playing with my kids and I love being able to relive some of my favourite childhood activities with them.

Sure, I may look like a pregnant gorilla when swinging from a rope swing at the creek but, to my kids, I’m a fun pregnant gorilla. And that’s what matters.

Since we have some time on our hands, how about releasing our inner child and have cheap, genuine fun with our kids? Let it go!

So here are some ideas. Most are free or cheap and I can guarantee they will not only make you smile, but they will also make your kids smile too. Share the laughs, the loves and dive into fun.

1. Take out the Slip ‘n Slide

Add some soap to the slide, strip down into your undies and go for a slide in the backyard with the kids. We dare you.

DIY Slip Slide
via diynetwork.com

2. Build a Fort

Build a Fort – Make sure you furnish it with every single pillow and towel in the house.

via casualplay.com

3. Create a Choreographed Dance

This was one of my favourite things to do as a pre-teen! And we can guarantee your kids will love it just as much. Cater the dance moves to the ages of your children. Then, when your husband comes home from work or your in-laws are over for dinner, perform it.

15 Uplifting Things SAHMs Can Do to Meet Friends | Stay At Home Mum
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4. Teach your Kids how to play cards

Real cards, not cards on the iPad or computer. Get a real life deck of cards and teach them the classics – Rummy, Snap, 500, Bridge, Crib….

via tutorsuhu.com

5. Race Water Balloons

If you have a steep slope on your driveway, then blow up water balloons and race them. No steep slope? Try racing them down the slide in your backyard. The extra-large balloons work the best.

via entertainment.howstuffworks.com

6. Break out the Backyard Cricket

Don’t just set it up for them. Play it with them. After all, cricket is a lot less boring when you are playing and not just sitting on the sidelines.

via kzone.com.au

7. Add Bubbles to the Trampoline

Mix water and shampoo on the trampoline and enjoy a bubbly bouncing mess with the kids.

via gettrampoline.com

8. Have a Backyard Campfire

You can buy self-contained fire pits that you can set up in your backyard. Roast marshmallows and sausages and tell ghost stories around the campfire.

via dorianconstruction.com

9. Bake Family Favourites

Choose some easy recipes to cook with your kids.

via insidermonkey.com

10. Camp in your Backyard, all Night

Yes, your bed is only 20 metres away but set up the tent or sleep in the backyard. There is nothing quite like waking up and watching the sunrise from under the blankets in your backyard.

11. Play Dress Up

Sure, you may not fit into the kid’s Princess costumes but you can probably find some pretty fantastic outfits in the back of your closet. That hideous bridesmaid dress springs to mind. Or how about your wedding dress? Take photos with the kids of the various outfits you find.

12. Play Spotlight

Turn off all the lights in the house and take turns hiding, using only torches to find one another. This was another one of my favourite family games, especially when my parents played along too.

50 Signs You Were Raised As An Aussie Kid | Stay at Home Mum
via cubscoutideas.com

13. Teach them your Favourite Games

Tips, Bullrush, Hopscotch, Kick the Can and Marco Polo are just a few on the list of childhood games that we grew up with.

Indoor Skip-Count Hopscotch
via kiwico.com

14. Remember the elastics game?

It was such a fun and easy game to play. BRING IT BACK!!!

via anabelmagazine.com

15. Splash in Muddy Puddles

Storm season is upon us so release your inner Peppa! When the rain falls, join the kids outdoors. Splash around, slide down the muddy hills and ignore the pile of washing that comes with it.

via tatertotsandjello.com

16. Give the Rope Swing a Try

If you have a rope swing attached to a tree, test it out. That way, if it’s not safe, it’s you that goes soaring headfirst, not the kids. And you also get the first ride!

via kidsartncraft.com

17. Create Puppets and Put on a Puppet Show

You can use socks, paper bags, plates – anything really. Once you have created your puppets, add a blanket over the table, duck down and put on a show with the kids. Make sure you film it to play back!

via puppetshowplace.org

18. Start a Family Band

Make sure you have the video camera ready for this one too! Choose various roles (singer, guitar player, and drummer) and either lip sync or learn the lyrics. Bonus points if costumes are involved, especially if they shimmer.

via diena.lt

19. Declare a Pyjama Day

And don’t get out of your PJ’s all day!

via jacksonvillemag.com

20. Throw your Night Time Routine Out the Door (for just one night!)

Go ahead; stay out past 5:00pm. Let the kids skip their bath. Let them stay up a little later to finish a family movie. We are all for routine, but having a little break from the same ol’ is refreshing and exciting, especially for your kids.

20 Ways to Relive Your Childhood And Be The Coolest Parent EVER | Stay at Home Mum

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