4 Top Tips for Collecting Dominos

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4 Top Tips for Collecting Dominos

My kids love collecting. Collecting just about anything and then making a display of it. In fact I often spend the morning collecting with them and letting them go craft mental in the afternoon. It doesn’t matter whether they are collecting treasure at the beach, pet rocks or cards to trade and play with their mates with – it is an obsession in this house.

Collecting something together with your kids creates a great activity to come back to time and time again and is loads of fun for the whole family.

It may even be the gift that keeps on giving. If you have old collectable cards stashed in the top of a wardrobe somewhere, consider pulling them out for a quick look. Whether it’s the old ones you or your partner collected as kids, or the ones your now teenager collected when they were little, they might be worth a lot more than you think! Original Pokemon and vintage baseball are two examples of card collections that could pay for a holiday!

So, I can’t wait to tell them that Woolworths is about to release a new Collectibles set.

They are going to be freaking excited. And wait for it, they are Dominos with DISNEY PIXAR Characters.

Each Domino is numbered and has a character carefully selected by the team at Disney Pixar based on the most popular from the movies Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, A Bugs Life, Monsters, The Incredibles, UP and Wall E.

I’m not sure if it will matter if we get the whole set this time, as long as we get enough Woody’s and Lightning McQueen’s they should be over the moon. Who am I kidding? The real joy of collecting IS GETTING THE FULL SET.

Building a collection is a great hobby that requires some effort. However, once you start – you can’t stop. There’s the never ending quest to get the whole set, trading at school or with friends to complete your set and with the new Domino Stars Collectables, there will be so much fun to be had building raceways – the more dominos you have, the more fun you can have!

There will also be a Deluxe Domino Collector’s Tin available as well as a Domino Collector’s Case to hold our collection and kept them safe on our travels around town. Race track special extras such as the Domino Stair, Marble Maze or bridge will help us create the ultimate raceway with our Dominos.

I’m not sure who is more excited now? Me or the kids? Once you begin a collection, you and the kids will have something you can be proud of for a long time.


Get Started With Ease

Any kind of collecting can be a bit of a drain on anyone’s budget, which is why it is so great to introduce your kids to a collecting hobby by starting with free trading cards. By shopping at Woolworths, you will receive 1 free Domino with every $20 you spend, automatically. And with our grocery shop – that should see me walking away with at least 10 a fortnight!

*Mental note* must remember to hit up the grandparents and remind them we are in an active collecting phase again!

4 Top Tips for Collecting:

Invest in Proper Storage

Many collectors learn the hard way that proper storage is the key to a wonderful collection, that lives forever. Although buying a Domino Collector Case or Deluxe Tin may eat up some of your fun money, without proper storage they could become damaged or lost. For your most cherished items, consider a display case or cupboard.


Keeping your collection organised will help you to see what you need to complete your set and which cards or dominos you have duplicates of – and are able to trade with friends. You could organise them into their order by number or into subgroups, grouping characters from the same movie in smaller groups. Within each group, organise your dominos or cards alphabetically or some other consistent system, which will make it easier to locate and retrieve specific items.

Trade Duplicates

Generally speaking, there is much more value to be had trading, rather than selling, a duplicate. Good traders can take multiple steps to achieve a goal using the concept of trading up. You can gain a little value with each trade, then in the end, you can trade nearly any domino for one that is seen to be much more valuable.

Learning Through Play

Use your dominoes to learn creatively through play. Play games of domino or use the numbers to practise counting or the Domino Collector Case to teach your kids about responsibility and looking after their belongings. Teach your children how to catalogue and file things by keeping the collectables in some order.

The Domino race is on to collect them all!





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