A Day In The Shoes Of A Busy Mum

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A Day In The Shoes Of A Busy Mum
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A normal person takes an average of 6,000 steps per day. A mum? Probably 10x more!

Here’s what it is like to be a busy mum….

A Day In The Shoes Of A Busy Mum

Hi Nat, it’s great to get the chance to get to know you a little better!  Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?

Hello! I’m Natalie, a married 39 year old mother from Gympie with two boys, Kobi, 9 and Jack, 7. I’m married to Adam.  I was born in Gympie but moved to Mt Isa, Townsville and Mackay for my husband’s work and after the children were born in Mackay we settled back in Gympie to start Kobi in Prep and to be closer to family and friends.

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Wow, it sounds like you are super busy! What are your biggest challenges juggling being a mum and working?

My biggest challenge is trying to make time for me as I current work as a bank teller and train with Crossfit Gympie to keep fit, but in my spare time I’m just running around with sport as my boys do swimming, soccer, touch-footy and tutoring on one of those days, and I’m making breakfast, lunches, dinners, cleaning, ironing and the list could go on haha.  But it all comes with the job of being a busy Mum.

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How do you manage to stay organised and on top of things?

My husband works away and runs a small business so I run the house (well I try to). I find making a list to stick on the fridge that outlines my week is helpful, and I just cross off jobs as I go. Otherwise I’d be forgetting to pack the soccer boots or something of importance.

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Are there any tips you can share with other busy mums?

The advice I always give other mums is to make time for yourself. Even if it’s only 30 minutes, taking time out during the day and doing whatever it is that makes you happy, will impact your life in such a positive way.

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You’d be on your feet all day with hardly a moment to sit down with a cuppa! You probably get through quite a few pairs of shoes with all those steps!

With shoes, I find comfort is the most important, especially when I’m standing all day. Price, durability, and value for money are important. I don’t mind paying more for quality. When I tried on the Hush Puppies shoes, I was surprised at the comfort and instant relief for my feet.

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Thanks Nat for sharing your insight into the life of a busy working mum. I’m sure lots of women can relate on many different levels!


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