35+ Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

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35+ Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

How young is too young for kids to start helping around the home?

It’s a tough one.

All kids should help their parents with the running of the home within their ability. It’s good for Mum and Dad of course, and also for the child as it develops confidence, independence and a sense of self. After all, you don’t want them to move out of home at 18 and not be prepared for the big wide world.

Here is a very broad list of chores for kids of all ages. Remember that all children are different, you may find yours will struggle or excel with those tasks set.

From Ages 2 – 3:

There isn’t an age ‘too young’ to start teaching your kids how to pick up after themselves.  But very basic chores such as these should be encouraged.

Cleaning Up

1. Pick up and put away their toys

2. Swiffer the floor (get a mini swiffer – great fun for kids – of course don’t expect a great job!)

3. Put clothes in the dirty clothes basket

4. Put clothes away

5. Keep their room tidy

From Ages 4 – 5:

Cute Little Girls Sweeping Dry Leaves On Autumn

All above toddler chores plus…

6. Load the dishwasher (with supervision)

7. Sweep

8. Vacuum couch/ chairs/ cushions

9. Set and clear the table

10. Wash dishes (with supervision)

11. Clean windows

12. Wipe out bathroom sinks

13. Match socks

14. Fold tea towels

15. Weed

From Ages 6 – 8:

Brunette girl posing with blue cloth while cleaning sink at bathroom
Brunette girl posing with blue cloth while cleaning sink at bathroom

All toddler and preschool chores plus…

16. Assist with meal preparation (grating cheese, following a recipe etc)

17. Wipe bathroom sinks, counters, toilets

18. Hang out laundry (if they can reach)

19. Vacuum

20. Collect the bin from the footpath

21. Collect the mail

22. Fold/hang laundry

23. Sort washing

24. Clean microwave

25. Rake leaves


From Ages 9 – 11:

little cute boy mows lawn with mower

26. Make simple meals from scratch

27. Take the bins to the footpath

28. Be able to use the washing machine and dryer

29. Clean toilets

30. Mop floors

From Ages 12 – 14:

31. Clean tub/shower

32. Make full meals/ meal plan

33. Clean out fridge/ freezer

34. Mow the yard

35. Supervise younger children

From Ages 15 and up:

By age 15, most kids should be able to do everything you can do, but whether they do it or not is a whole other story!

Remember that you have more chance of getting a child to do their chores if you help them up for the first few years. This gives them confidence and guidance. Once a child has become proficient at a job, it’s time to assign them a tougher task so they are always learning and growing.

Encourage your children to do things without being asked, especially picking up toys or items that someone may trip over. Teach safe practices from the start and be very careful when teaching them how to use the stove and microwave.

Don’t give up and do it yourself just because it’s easier that way. Teach your children early and you will reap the rewards later on. It is a family’s job to keep a house neat and tidy not just yours!

Have you taught your kids chores at an early age? How did it go?

35+ Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids | Stay at Home Mum

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