Best App Ever for Parents: Cozi Family Organizer

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Best App Ever for Parents: Cozi Family Organizer

Best App Ever for Parents: Cozi Family Organizer

You might be like us and a bit behind the bandwagon, but if you haven’t heard of a Cozi then you’re missing out on one of the best FREE family organisation apps out there. We had to check it out and find out what all the fuss is about.

What is Cozi?

Cozi Family Organiser is basically as the name describes, it allows you to organise your family sharing lists, calendars and appointments and activities all in one place. For example:

  • Keep appointments and activities – Doctors, Hair, Sporting Event, Kids sleepovers
  • Track school events and the virtual class schedule
  • Manage a shared lists – groceries, household chores and more.
  • Recipes – organise dinners and share the load.

Everything is broken down on a calendar showing which family member is doing what, at what time and what tasks are being worked on. Great for knowing who is responsible for what and allowing other family members to contribute to that item on the schedule.

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Cool Fact: Recently the Cozi Family Organizer App was named a go-to app by Paramore’s Hayley Williams and The Bachelor‘s Melissa Rycroft in Glamour and SheKnows, respectively.


Cozi has pre-loaded recipes in the app, allowing you meal plan and schedule and task them a family member in advance. Other family members can view what’s for dinner and the person responsible can create a grocery list from the ingredients needed for the recipe in advance. Pretty cool! Oh, and yes, you can load in recipes from SAHM!

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FREE on Apple iOS, Android and Web

Ideas on using Cozi

  • Get the kids making dinner – especially in household with older teenage children, it’s a great way to get everyone involved in grocery shopping and preparing meals.
  • Organise the Homeschooling – Setup lists, make class agendas and keep things organised on what needs to be completed. Allows parents to buy and needed homeschooling supplies in advance.
  • Become a parenting ninjas – Get yourself and your partner on the same page when it comes to the kids schedules, which kids are where and who needs to be doing what. No more confusion about who is picking up the kids from school or where the kids need to be at what time for swimming lessons.
  • Work with the ex, not against – Separated parents can work together without having to get into too much conversation. Swap overs, things that need to be completed, notes and observations can be all done via the Cozi App.
  • Bring in the extended family – Cozi is not just for members of the same household. It’s great for allowing Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and close family friends to see what your household agenda is. Things like birthday parties, get togethers and baby sitting can be shared. You might not want them to know what you’re having for dinner, so things can be kept secret, too, otherwise they might just “pop in” if you’re having BBQ ribs for dinner! But then again, Cozi could be used to encourage their involvement in more time spent with the family.

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FREE on Apple iOS, Android and Web

Seriously, give Cozi a go! It’s growing in popularity and lots of parents are loving it.


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