10 Best Baby Sleeping Bags – Keep Baby Warm All Night in Winter

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10 Best Baby Sleeping Bags – Keep Baby Warm All Night in Winter

Baby Sleeping Bags are the best way to keep baby warm during the colder months.

Whilst us adults can grab another blanket and get all warm and snug, it isn’t always safe for our babies! Baby Sleeping bags are the perfect answer to keep your baby warm this winter.  They can’t be thrown off, they are super warm, cosy and just plain amazing!

Baby Sleeping Bags are baby-sleep friendly and keep our babies so toasty and warm! Just pop a sleeping bag over a pair of PJs and you are set! There are tons of really cute patterns out there too! Here are some recommendations of the best baby sleeping bags for Winter.

Things to consider before you buy a Baby Sleep Suit or Sleeping Bag

Always Get the Correct Size for Your Baby

Brands differ somewhat in size so if you have a long baby you will likely need a size up.  Plus safety is a big issue, and the safest baby sleeping bag is the correct sized baby sleeping bag.  If you size up baby can snuggle out of the armholes and can be smothered.  

Baby Sleeping Bags Aren’t Suitable for Newborns

Typically sleeping bags aren’t recommended for newborns.  Baby sleeping bags are recommended for ages one month and older.

Ease of Use

Button up armholes on baby sleeping bags not only make it easier for you to putt on and take off baby, but you can use them for longer because you can tuck a little baby’s arms in (just like a wrap) with the button up sides.  


The best baby sleeping bags are those made from natural materials such as bamboo and cotton that allow air circulation and stop your baby from overheating.

Freedom of Movement

Some bags allow for have arm and leg movement which may be more suited to your babies needs than a closed-end baby sleeping bag style, especially if they are walking and mobile.

The ErgoPouch Sleep Suit Bag – $72.00

This baby sleepsuit bag by ErgoPouch is made with organic cotton so it’s going to feel comfortable and soft! It’s also designed that your little one can also stand up and walk around with it on, with little grip pads on the feet! It’s short-sleeved to prevent overheating (not all babies love long sleeves).

This baby sleepsuit comes in 3 different sizes, 2 – 12 months, 8 – 24 months and 2 – 4 years.   Grab it here >

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The Hudson Long Sleeve Fleece Sleeping Bag – $26.41 (for two!)

Fleece is always nice and cosy in winter! These long sleeve fleece sleeping bags come in a ton of adorable patterns for either a boy or girl! Each set will include two baby sleeping bags so it’s a good bargain! These sleeping bags have a long zipper, making it easier to get your babe in and out.  Buy it here >

Best Baby Sleeping Bags

Love To Dream Sleep Suit Blue – $59.95

Love to Dream Babu Sleep Suits are really popular and for good reason. The design makes them really snug and comfortable for little ones! It’s also wearable outside of bed, so your baby can run around and keep warm! These suits have a built-in quilted blanket with some fleece fabric included as well.   

Buy it here >

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The Love to Dream Sleeping Bag $43.86

The ultimate in wearable baby sleeping bags.  This little number will keep your baby super warm and snuggly in the coldest of weather.  It has a built-in quilted blanket, long sleeves and is available in white and pink.  Comes in two sizes – 6-18 months and 18-36 months. 

Buy it here –>

Best Baby Sleeping Bags

The Nest Design Organic Swaddle Sleeping Bag $59.95

Designed for newborns through to six months of age, and made in a beautifully soft organic cotton, this sleeping bag is a bit different to the others as it has ‘adjustable wings’ to make it easy to swaddle baby night and firmly for (hopefully) a good nights sleep. 

Made from medium to light materials, this is great for cool nights that don’t require heavy-duty sleeping bags. 

Buy it here –>

Best Baby Sleeping Bags

ErgoPouch Sleeping Bag Sage – $59.00

Your baby will be feeling snug and warm in this one! It’s made with jersey cotton and is designed to make a baby feel like they are being swaddled. It has no arms, so it’s perfect if your baby is rolling around.

Buy it here>

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Love To Dream Swaddle Up Extra Warm Sleep Bag $69.95

This sleeping bag by Love to Dream is designed to grow with your baby. The arms zip off, so as your baby gets older and wants to use their arms and roll around, it’s easy to adjust. This suit has a built-in quilt so it’s going to keep your baby nice and warm that’s for sure.

Buy it here >

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There you have it the Best Baby Sleeping Bags to keep Baby Snug and Warm All Night in Winter.

Best Baby Sleeping Bags - Keep Baby Warm All Night in Winter | Stay at Home Mum

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