Best Times For Getting Busy

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Best Times For Getting Busy

Best Times for Getting Busy!

We all know how to read our menstrual cycles to work out when we are ovulating to avoid or plan becoming pregnant. What you may not realise is certain times of the day, month or year are also the best opportunity for orgasms and getting busy.

Best Time for a Mind Blowing Orgasm

The day before your period starts, is the day you are most likely to have your best orgasm of the month. If you thought your period never did you any favours – think again. With the extra weight of accumulated blood making your uterus heavy, orgasmic contractions are more perceptible and clitoral tissue is also more sensitive when retaining fluid. So next month, break through the PMT and try getting busy. It may just cheer you right up.

Want Longer Lasting Sex?

Try summertime. During the summer months when we are more relaxed and generally on holidays, you are more likely to experience unhurried sex, the more unhurried you are. With the pressure of work and Christmas gone, everyone can relax into the best time of year for longer lasting sex.

But the real key to longer lasting sex is a slow build up. Flirting with your partner throughout the day can draw out the sexual tension for a mind-blowing finish.

Also have sex before you go out to events, you’ll be glowing all night and won’t ever have to worry about ‘brewers droop’.

Excite Your Man

For most men, it doesn’t really take much. But one thing they all have in common? Waking up with an erection. Make time for a quickie in the morning and start the day with a spring in your step. You’ll generally have more energy in the morning too.

Relieve Pain

While it’s not for everyone, having sex during your period can relieve the pain of cramping. Orgasms cause uterine contractions which serve to ease pain and you body will relax with the release of oxytocin and dopamine after an orgasm. If you can expect that kind of pain relief each month, maybe you’ll start looking forward to your period?

Be More Confident in Bed

Need more confidence between the sheets? Have sex after a work out! Even if you don’t look different after a workout, you feel different. A bit sexier, more confident and – you’re already sweaty.

Jumpstart Your Relationship

Need some fresh ideas? Tired of the same thing every date night? Try it on in the middle of the night. We’re sure they won’t mind being woken up!

When do you think the best time to get busy is?

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