Camping Trip Must Haves

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Camping Trip Must Haves

Packing for a camping trip can be a week-long job. You need to pack enough clothes, towels and bed linen for each and every family member but you also need to pack the right cooking equipment as well as any bathroom essentials, toys and games for the day.  A great way to get more organized for each camping trip is to have a separate container filled with different things you will need. For your camping trip must haves, consider these five containers.

The “First Aid” Bin:

Have one container made for camping essentials. This will include a first aid kit, complete with gauze bandages, wound dressing, calamine lotion, surgical tape, scissors, tweezers, cotton bubs, safety pins, bandages and anything else you think you may need. It should also include a flashlight with plenty of spare batteries, a barbeque lighter, matches, bug spray, sunscreen and some candles to keep the bugs away and in the event of a loss of light. Pick up an extra set of these items at the store so you don’t have to unpack and pack it each time you go camping.

The “Kitchen” Container

There are some kitchen essentials that you will need to unpack and pack every time you go camping as you will need to use them around the house for your daily cooking needs. However, if you have any old pots, pans, plastic dishes, plates, cutlery and cups, then why not start a camping container and leave these items in there? You will probably need to wash them in the dishwasher when you return home but then they can go back into the container in the cupboard or shed, ready for next time. Other kitchen essentials to add to the box can include paper towel, salt, pepper, oil, knives, dish detergent and wet wipes.

The “Bathroom” Bin:

Put together another container with extra toothpaste, toothbrushes, towels and face clothes that can be reserved for camping, and a few rolls of toilet paper. You may also want to add a bar of soap, some travel shampoos and conditioners and a spare stick of deodorant.

The “Linen” Container:

You may also find it easier to have a separate linen box for camping linen, if you do a lot of camping. Of course, you will still need to unpack and wash each item after your trip but it can be easier to store these things in a box. Depending on what type of camping you are doing and the sleeping arrangements, you may need to pack a flat sheet, pillow and blanket for each child or a sleeping bag each.

The “Toy” Box:

Have a separate container for the kid’s toys and games that they choose to bring along.  Make it their responsibility to pack and unpack the toys at the end of each camping trip.  Letting your kids pick and choose what toys get to come each time will provide them with responsibility and also avoid the complaint “Mum, you forgot to pack my ‘insert toy here'” when you are at your destination.

Another great thing about storing items in containers is that they remain safe on the journey there and back. Simply place the containers on top of one another in the ute or in the back of the car, give them a good wash once you get home and you’re ready for next time. Now, if only you could figure out a way to avoid all that washing up…

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