Camping With The Kids? Here’s How To Do it Like a Pro!

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Camping With The Kids? Here’s How To Do it Like a Pro!

Frequent campers know that camping is no walk in the park, literally.

From checking the weather, finding a good campsite to having the right gear and all the necessary equipment – being well prepared is non-negotiable. Now, throw kids into this mix and stress levels go out the window.

Luckily, engaging in outdoor activities is said to help with lowering stress levels, improving mood and encouraging stronger family bonds. For kids, camping is only as engaging and enjoyable as adults make it for them. So, here are a few ways to make camping fun for the kids and stress free for you!

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You don’t have to drive 3 and a half hours out of state to an officially registered campsite to actually go camping. One of the biggest stressors associated with camping with kids is the thought of taking them on long distance trips while finding ways to keep them entertained so they don’t get cranky. Although, there are several ways to mitigate this particular problem, why not avoid this problem altogether by bringing the campsite to them. If you have a house and a sizeable yard or garden, you are in luck, because that’s a perfect campsite right in your backyard! Avoid the stress that accompanies traditional camping trips by making preparation easy on yourself and less irritable for the kids. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, this is also the perfect way to revive that camping trip idea that might be stalled by curfews and travel restrictions.

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Be Prepared

Whether your campsite is your backyard or the Daintree National Park nothing can replace being prepared.

Do not skimp on buying quality equipment especially because you are improvising enough already in bringing the campsite home. So, you have to commit to creating a camping experience that has all the same qualities as being out in the wild. This will require proper camping gear and equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, binoculars, lamps and outdoor toys for the kids etc. Purchasing these items can get expensive, the trick is to buy your camping items on sale from reputable stores like Aldi.

Check here for a weekly catalogue on deals from kiddies’ tents from as low as $29.

Games & Activities for Quality Time

Organised camping events can be a good time to bond with your kids and to get to know them beyond the usual limited activities that may happen in the house. This might also be a good opportunity to get to know more about any burgeoning interests they might have picked up recently over a game of chess or scrabble. You can also seize this opportunity to discuss any difficulties in character development or soft skills they may be experiencing in school or in their social lives. Talk to them about the environment, current affairs or the latest comic or manga series they are obsessed with while thumb wrestling, playing ‘which hand is it in’ game or rock, paper, scissors.

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The Wild Card

Capitalize on the perks of being able to camp right in your backyard. You might have to work harder to prevent the kids from going back into the house so you will need a strategy to keep them outdoors. Nothing spells fun like activities that involve playing in water. Make your swimming pool a part of the camping activity, it might not be a rock pool but it will do and the kids will be having too much fun to care for a little more adventure add an inflatable pool waterslide. An inflatable kiddies’ pool in the absence of a pool in your yard will also work just fine. Finally, there’s no real camping trip without stargazing and taking in the miracle of night time. Have binoculars for you and the kids ready, they are typically cheaper than telescopes, and if you or the kids are geeks then a star chart could also be a fun addition.

You are now ready to pull off the camping event of the year with these fail-proof recommendations.

You are leaving nothing to chance, except, of course the weather. The weather can be unpredictable even after you have closely monitored the weather forecast for weeks. To avoid disappointment, your camping events should be planned for warmer months when you are almost guaranteed warm nights and clear skies.

Camping with Kids? Here's How to do it Like a Pro! | Stay At Home Mum

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