Cardboard Christmas Tree


One of the things I love so much about Christmas is the crafts that come with it. We try to do a craft at least a few times a week in our house and December crafts are always taken up by Christmas trees, wreaths, candy canes and snowmen. So here is one to add to your December craft list.

This is a hands on craft that the kids will love and be proud to have displayed for Christmas. Our Cardboard Christmas Tree is great as tabletop or mantelpiece decorations.

To create your own mini masterpiece for your kids to proudly display this year you will need:

  • green cardboard
  • glitter glue
  • foam star
  • gemstones or beads or sequins
  • glue or stapler

What to Do

Outline a semi-circle on the green cardboard and cut out. Gently bring the two straight edges together to form a cone and glue or staple together. Glue the foam star at the top and decorate with the glitter glue and gemstones to resemble tinsel and decorations.

You can decorate your christmas tree with a number of other options, whatever is lying around the house or in the craft door really. Why not stick some feathers onto the Christmas tree or add a string of dried pasta or fruit loops for colourful lights? Work with what you have and let your imagination run wild.

by Cassie Billingsley.

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