10 Childcare Ideas for School Holidays (Page 2)Some tips on getting the school holiday plans all sorted out!

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6. Let Them Unleash Their Artistic Skills at Art Classes

There are many different art classes offered at all different ages throughout the holidays — painting, drawing, screen printing, mosaic, sculpture and many more all on offer.

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7. Let Them Join Council Run Programs

Check out your council’s websites and see what they are offering these holidays. My council has cooking classes for kids, science classes, all different programs at the library happening not to mention a few more Easter-themed things available.

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8. Take Them To Museums

There are now a lot of museums in metropolitan areas that are offering day long programs into so many different topics.

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9. Allow Them To Make Friends

If you have a good friend that has her kids at home with her, then don’t be afraid to ask if she is willing to take on another kid. This will certainly be a cheaper option then vacation care and will also allow your child to have some down time that during the holidays they so desperately need. Or if you are at home yourself, then you can always do a rotation with the children to mix it up a bit between places.

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10. Urge Them To Join Drama and Performance Programs

These will certainly channel your child’s inner star and also help them develop their self-confidence by getting out on the stage and practising their public speaking skills.

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What is your child’s favourite place to go or thing to do during the school holidays?

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