How And Why You Should Convert To A Mineral Pool This Summer

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How And Why You Should Convert To A Mineral Pool This Summer
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No longer just for day spas, mineral pools are the latest backyard addition making a splash this summer.

Using natural minerals like salt, magnesium or potassium along with your current water purification system to keep your pool clean and clear, and help reduce itchy skin and stinging eyes for swimmers little and big.

The pool experts at Poolwerx have helped me convert my backyard pool into a mineral one, the process was much easier than I thought and I haven’t looked back since. Here is a bit more information before you take the plunge.

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Why are mineral pools so popular?

The team at Poolwerx have seen mineral pool transitions more than double over the last year alone, and expect this number to continue to grow coming into summer.

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of a mineral pool, and as the ‘healthy pool people’, Poolwerx are seeing many clients convert their pools to embrace the wellness and beauty benefits while ensuring their water is healthy and safe to swim in for the whole family.

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The health benefits of mineral pools are extensive. Minerals can help improve circulation, ease pain, relieve stress and are gentle on the skin. From young children with skin issues such as eczema, to seniors with aches and pains and athletes using it for its recovery purposes, the benefits of a mineral pool will appeal to people of all ages.

Plus, with people spending more time at home and in their own backyards, the swimming pool isn’t just for family fun and exercise, but also relaxation.

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What is a mineral pool?

A mineral pool uses naturally occurring minerals like salt, magnesium and potassium and pairs them with a water purification system that works to keep your pool clean. It means it significantly reduces the need for chemicals such as chlorine.

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What are a mineral pool’s benefits?

There are many benefits to transforming your backyard pool into a mineral pool. Switching to minerals means swimmers are left with soft, silky skin, which can help with dryness or inflammation. Poolwerx says customers often report their eczema or psoriasis doesn’t flair up like it would in an ordinary pool, as the minerals in the pool soothes sensitive skin.

Magnesium in particular can help reduce stress and anxiety, relax muscles, stimulate hydration and improve sleep.

Sodium chloride, magnesium and potassium are essential to the functioning of several body organs and can help detoxify your body.

Salt helps detoxify your body, relaxes and helps skin-barrier function. The calming and detoxifying effects of sodium chloride in pools can support the immune, nervous, and lymphatic systems.

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Mineral pools are a great way to recover after high intensity exercise sessions or long hot summer days.They also have the added benefits of maintaining healthy skin and hair to keep you looking as good as you feel post swim.

But some benefits of a mineral pool will be lost if the pool isn’t being regularly cleaned and maintained, so ensure that regular summer services occur to keep your backyard oasis pristine.

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What are some of the biggest myths around mineralisation?

Many people think they have missed the boat on having a mineral pool as they have previously installed a chlorine pool. This is definitely not the case, Poolwerx explains the mineralisation process can occur at any time throughout the pool’s lifespan.

Some people may also think it’s expensive to install or maintain, when in fact the installation process is very affordable and maintenance costs won’t differ too much from that of a chlorine pool, ultimately allowing you to enjoy a luxurious spa experience in your own backyard.

The cost of converting a chlorinated pool to a mineral pool will depend on the size and shape of your pool, but starts from as little as $500.

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Can you turn any backyard pool into a mineral pool? How do you do it?

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Any pool can be transformed into a mineral pool and the process if fairly straightforward. You don’t need a new pool, you don’t need completely new equipment, you don’t even need to empty out your pool and refill it.

A qualified Poolwerx pool technician can come to you, test the water chemistry of your pool and advise on the best process to turn your backyard pool into a new resort-style pool.

The process may differ from pool to pool.

If you use a mineral additive, your pool will be transformed overnight. With mineral salts, the process is more gradual, and conversion depends on the size of your pool.

How And Why You Should Convert To A Mineral Pool This Summer | Stay At Home Mum

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