Cookie Monster Braves My Boogie Picking Threenager

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Cookie Monster Braves My Boogie Picking Threenager

It seems like it’s your child’s lot in life is to unconsciously humiliate you in every social situation outside the house.

Interviewing the Cookie Monster was no different.

My 3 year old daughter Evelyn was most excited to meet the furry blue monster. She wanted to know all about his favourite food, favourite games and other friends from Sesame Street.

As the show enters its 46th season, Cookie Monster’s helper David Rudman tells me that they’ve been ‘friends’ for the past 16 years years.

“Everyone who works on Sesame Street, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes has been there for a really long time. It’s a truly wonderful place to work.”

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As we meet in a room at ACMI Melbourne, the team gets set up to shoot a quick video of us all to share with SAHM readers. My child dives under the couch in the room claiming she’s shy, and one of the entourage is making an earnest yet feeble attempt to coax her out.

Cookie Monster appears and she willingly crawls out from the space only to cling to me like an awkward koala cub, pulling at my shirt revealing my mum bra. You know, the mum bra all mums have that is wondrously beige and heinously unflattering? Meh #MumLife

Feeling comfortable, she finally warmed up after a good while of deftly excavating her nasal cavity, and braved chatting to her new bestie the Cookie Monster. Seeing her have an amazing time meeting him was the best!

Evie And The Cookie Monster From Sesame Street | Stay At Home Mum
Evie And The Cookie Monster From Sesame Street | Stay At Home Mum

Celebrities who have recently visited Sesame Street include Gwen Stefani singing “Be a Good Friend;” Pharrell singing “B is for Book:” Nick Jonas singing “Check that Shape;” and Ne-Yo singing “You’ve Got a Body, So Move It!.”

Cookie Monster has been learning all about self-control and self-regulation, particularly when it comes to cookies. Not easy for someone like Cookie Monster!

The 46th season of Sesame Street with Cookie Monster, Elmo and the entire gang premieres on April 3rd with The Cookie Thief special, followed by new episodes every weekday morning on ABC KIDS at 9am and 12noon.

And for parents looking for some amazing free activities to keep your kids busy, check out ACMI’s school holiday program. There’s even a Minecraft film activity they can do.

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