Adorable Birthday Party IdeasGet Creative with Scotch Expressions

Children’s birthday parties are not always the easiest to plan. However, every mum wants to make the food table as pretty and fun as possible with minimal time, effort and money spent. These adorable birthday party ideas are the perfect way to showcase your child’s favourite treats. They are so cute and easy to create using Scotch­® Expressions Tape.

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Here’s what you need:

  • 12 small milk bottles (for 12 kids – the more guests, the more you will need). We got these at the Reject Shop for $1.00 each.
  • 6 chocolate chip cookies
  • 6 mini cupcakes
  • 2 litres of milk
  • 12 coloured straws
  • Scotch® Expressions Tape in your colour of choice. We used a number of different patterns in our creations but you can stick to one colour or a couple of different colours if you are going for a theme.
  • One meter of Hessian string
  • scissors
  • sharp knife


Here’s how you do it:


  1. To begin, stick the edge of the Scotch® Expressions Tape onto the middle of the milk bottle
  2. Hold the tape firmly in place and move it all the way around the jar to join the other side trying to keep it as straight as possible.
  3. Using scissors, snip the tape off and seal it back up
  4. For vertical bands on the jars, follow the instructions as above but start from the bottom and snip at the top of the jar.
  5. Add the string around the top of the jar and tie it in a loose knot

Assembling the Cookies and Cupcakes

  1. Pour 150 ml of milk into each milk bottle
  2. For the cookies: Using a sharp pointed knife put a hole in the center of your cookie, then start twisting the knife back and forth to create a circle. The more you move it the bigger the hole gets, so just twist until you have enough room to slide the straw in once you have removed the knife.
  3. For the cupcakes: Push straw into mini cupcake from the top, gently through the icing holding the bottom of cupcake so it doesn’t break. Push straw all the way through cupcake and pull the cake and icing out of the bottom of straw (this comes out really easy).

Cupcakes and Milk | Stay at Home Mum
Hints and Tips:

  • These adorable treats are best served when made. Before the guests arrive, allow yourself fifteen minutes to get them ready
  • We cheated and used store bought cupcakes but of course you can make your own, if you do this make sure they are made the day before so they don’t fall apart when you put the straw in.
  • Get creative and try different combinations – use chocolate milk and add lolly worms to the flags for a colourful ‘worms in dirt’ mixture.
  • Or, you can swap the cookies and cupcakes for something a little healthier if you wish (apples or bananas served with juice for example) – the possibilities are endless.

Adorable Birthday Party Jars | Stay at Home Mum

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We’ve also got some additional ideas on how to use Scotch® Expressions Tape around the house to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary creations. Why not transform your cluttered and disorganised Tupperware drawer into an organised and pretty space by adding a number of colours and patterns to the box? All it takes is an empty fruit box and Scotch® Expressions Tape of your choice.

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