Creating an Art and Craft Box

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Creating an Art and Craft Box

One thing I really love about daycare is they let the kids craft with glitter, sequins, seeds and all other manner of small and messy items I prefer not to let loose at home.

But messy play is great fun for kids and plays an important role in developing creativity for your kids.

If you don’t have room for a designated craft zone, why not make up an art and craft box to wheel out when the need arises for a fun CRAFT-ernoon.

1.Get a big box


Let the kids decorate the box however they choose to make it their own craft box. If you have several children, let each one have a box to decorate and fill with fun. This is a particularly good idea for toddlers who hate to share.

2.Collect Useful Items


Gather up as many cardboard boxes, toilet rolls, milk bottle lids and other useful recyclable household items to be used for craft. A storage bin or a large box works well to store them in. Old magazines are a great source of crafty material.

3.Add craft-specific items



Paint and brushes, pencils, pens, crayons, stickers, sticky-tape, stapler, glue, paper and cardboard are all craft box must-haves but for even more fun and variety try to include as many different things in the craft box from cookie cutters to activity colouring books.

Paddle pop sticks and pipe cleaners, containers of seeds, interesting leaves or feathers and any other item that takes your crafting fancy go in the craft box. Use old jars or takeaway containers to keep things organised.

4. Get in the mood for Crafty activities


If you’re not particularly crafty yourself, invest in some cheap activity books at the $2 shop or have a look online for fabulous ideas and make a list of them to include in the box to get the crafternoon off to a smooth start.

If the prospect of all this messy play makes you feel a bit faint, don’t panic just leave the messier items at the bottom of the box (arrgggh GLITTER!) and the easier to manage supplies at the top such as pencils and stickers.

Let kids have a free reign in creating an art and craft box that can stimulate their creative juices. But being a kid at heart, making these crafty boxes can also be mesmerizing for adults too.

How do your craft boxes look?Untitled-1

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