10 Fail-proof Tips to Nail Your Baby’s First Photo ShootCapturing perfection with these photo shoot tips!

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  • 10 Fail-proof Tips to Nail Your Baby’s First Photo Shoot

Babies are adorable. It doesn’t take much for them to be photogenic so why not just.. use your phone’s camera?

However, we, mums, always want what’s perfect (not shocking, of course), especially for your newborn’s first ever photo shoot.

Like we said, photos are used to capture priceless moments, so here we are again, giving you some fail proof tips to get your newborn baby’s first photo shoot done and without much hassle!

1. Light

Ask any Camera junkie on what is the most important element of a photo is, and you will get mostly the same answer, light. While natural light is the best option, you can also use different lightings to experiment with to change with the effects on your photo. Sunrise and sunsets can add depth and story to your photo.






2. Document Baby’s Growth

By month, by weight, by year, by teeth growth, whichever you want it, documenting the baby’s growth will surely have a space on your album or on your artsy craftsy scrapbook.

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