Free Community Events and Outlets for Childrens Activities

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Free Community Events and Outlets for Childrens Activities

There are so many great ways to spend time with your children. However, a lot of the various activities around your community and even the things that you do at home will add up. You could be spending as much as $200 per term for things like dancing lessons, swimming lessons and art classes. So below are some great free community events and outlets for children’s activities!

Toy Libraries

Looking for a great way to switch up the toys in your household while avoiding the clutter and the costs? Then look for a toy library. Toy libraries are held by organizations such as Playgroup Australia as well as some community centres. You can borrow anywhere from 2 to 5 toys for 2 to 4 weeks. It works the same as a traditional library but with toys!

Regular Libraries

Not only can you save money on books but you can also get other great material for your kids such as movies and CD’s. Some libraries across Australia also offer a great selection of board games for hire.

Story time and Rhyme Time

Sticking with the library theme, a great activity for you and your kids are story time and baby rhyme times, held at libraries around Australia. Some are held once a week while others are held once a month and feature a story time for pre-schoolers as well as a song and rhyme time for younger bubs. Most run for a half hour to one hour and are completely free of charge.


Playgroups are run by a wide range of non for profit organizations as well as through Playgroup Australia. Playgroups usually go for 2 hours and feature story time, a craft and morning or afternoon tea. They are a great way to get your child involved in activities with other children all the while allowing you to get out of the house as well. Some ask for a donation of a couple of dollars to pay for the cost of food and for the venue while others are free of charge.

Free Community Events and Outlets for Children's ActivitiesBunning’s DIY workshops

Looking for a free way to get your craft on? Then why not book into a Bunning’s DIY workshop, held on Saturdays and Sundays. Kids can make all sorts of cool items from birdhouses to tool boxes, from plant pots to lamp shades.

Community Centres

There are plenty of great and free events on offer through community and early learning centres across Australia. They offer things like playgroups, morning teas, kindergarten training, Triple P Parenting Programs, lectures and guest speakers, baby massage classes and more.

Local Markets

Another great activity that is free for the entire family are local markets. These are usually held on weekends and you can browse the stalls at your own pace. Another good thing is that many people are often selling pre-loved children’s clothes and even toys so you can grab the kids a small toy each for under $5.

Family Fun Days

Look for family fun days sponsored by various companies in your community where there are often free activities for children such as a jumping castle, face painting, sand art and clown. These are usually free to the public and put on as a promotional gig. There may also be a free sausage sizzle and a chance to win something from the company through a draw.

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