Free Family Activities

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Free Family Activities

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It may seem like you and your hubby rarely have a free weekend where there isn’t a birthday party to attend, a barbeque to go to or maintenance to the house or yard that needs to be done. However, if you do manage to find a spare day and are looking for some great free ways to spend it together outside of the house, then we can certainly help.

We adore Sunday family fun day the only day of the week that we can actually spend a few hours together as a family without any other responsibilities. And best of all, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy one another’s company. Try to find at least one day a month that you dedicate to your family this means no housework, no friends and no work. Below are some great ways to spend your precious family time without even having to open your wallet.

Pack a Picnic and Go

Okay, you will need to have fuel in your car to do this and a fridge filled with food to eat but other than that, this is a hassle free way to enjoy time together outside of the house. Pack some fruit, sandwiches, cheese and crackers, juice and a small treat for everyone and head out the door. Bring a blanket, a soccer ball, a magazine perhaps and a camera. Let the kids decide which way you go and where you end up. It could be the beach on the other side of town, a lake a couple of hours away or even just to the park down the road. The kids will love to have both Mum and Dad to play with and you and your husband may even be able to lie down and have a few moments to yourself while they go exploring.

Go Fishing

Family fishing is a great way to spend a couple of house enjoying one another’s company. Even if you do not catch a thing it is still relaxing to sit down by the river or ocean in camping chairs with your kids and enjoy the scenery. Of course, you will need fishing rods or some line. You may want to splurge and buy some bait for $5.00 at the local servo station or you can make the day even more challenging by catching your own prawns on the right tide or digging up worms. We have a feeling your children may be more interested in the latter option…

Take a Family Bike Ride

Bike riding is a great activity for everyone in your family provided you have the equipment. Toddlers and infants can join in on the action with balance bikes (pedal free bikes) or with an attachment to your own bicycle while older kids will be happy to ride beside you on their own bike. Just make sure have plenty of food and water and have a route mapped out before you go, preferably on bike or walking tracks rather than on the main roads.

Head to the Botanical Gardens

Larger cities across Australia have botanical gardens and smaller ones may have something similar, even if it is just a pretty park. And the best thing about these beautiful picnic areas is that they are generally free to the public. While you can pay to have lunch inside the gardens, you can also wander around, take in the sights, check out the flowers and wild life and stop along the way for a pre-packed lunch.

These are only some of the free family fun activities to do every city and town will have different places to explore, different free public parks, museums and swimming pools and different markets to attend to each weekend, all perfect activities for family fun day.



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