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26 Fundraising Ideas for Schools and ClubsFundraisers can be so much Fun!

From Crazy Hair Days to Cent Auction fundraisers, raising money can be so simple yet absolutely brilliant!

Even dollar donation fundraisers can go a long way when you have fun and engaging ideas!


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Entertainment Ideas:

1. Crazy Hair Days

Crazy Hair Days are a perfect, easy and fun way to raise money. Asking the kids to come to school with their craziest hairdos and a dollar donation brings a fantastic day at school! All sorts of colours, themes and bits and bobs can be added into these events for extra fun!

2. Free Dress Days

Free Dress Days can bring such great engagement with the students and can be educational. Giving the free dress days a theme or a colour for awareness such as bringing a dollar donation to come dressed in pink for breast cancer. All sorts of ideas can stem from free dress days.

3. School Fete

Rides, homemade goodies and a fun day for the whole family! This takes extra organisation but definitely pays off as a cracker of a fundraiser for the school. Classes and grades can hold stalls to sell items or provide entertainment, the options are limitless. A great way for the whole community to get involved.

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4. Car Wash

A great way for the kids to get involved and get active. Parents can get their cars washed for donations to the school, simple yet fantastic! Water, soap and cloth can be found easily when setting up a fun event like this, and everybody can get involved. This is a good fundraiser for students of older grades to become a part of.

5. Casino Night

Card games and fancy dress is a unique event for all to become involved! Fundraising per game which also uses maths! Educational and raises funds. All sorts of card games can be played and taught to the students. Some may even come up with their own games to play.

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