Get The Whole Family Moving Together!

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Get The Whole Family Moving Together!
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I am a mum of two very active young boys.

They love being outside in the fresh air, chasing each other, swimming in the pool, climbing the treehouse or jumping on the trampoline. My husband and I are active parents, he loves cycling and I go to the gym a few times each week. We are trying to stay fit for our own health and most importantly to be able to keep up with the boys!

I remember when I was in primary school, I used to love running around at recess and lunchtimes with my friends, riding my bike with neighbours, going swimming everyday in summer and playing team sports at school and on weekends.

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That’s why I was really surprised to read that research has found that 7 out of 10 Aussie kids are not getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day! My kids don’t ever seem to stop moving, unless they are asleep so I would have thought that although kids may not be getting a full hour of exercise all in one go, they would be far more active than only 60 minutes over an a day, taking into account all the short burst of activity.

Incidental exercise, is still exercise right?

Like most parents, we want to educate our kids from a young age on the importance of being active and inspire them to lead healthy lives. So when I was thinking about my kids, and their daily activity, I started thinking about other families.

I’m pretty certain that my kids are getting the recommended amount of activity per day, but what about other kids? That’s the interesting part, how do parents really know exactly what their kids are doing, especially when they are at school? If parents had a way to check the levels of their kids’ activity, they would be able to quickly identify if they weren’t meeting the requirements and help them to be more active by motivating and encouraging them.hhhh | Stay at Home

There are lots of pedometers and fitness trackers on the market for adults and now there is one that has been designed especially for kids. The MILO Champions band (available online and at Harvey Norman stores nationally for $39.99) syncs with the MILO Champ app, which is a digital platform that encourages kids to become more active and engaged in sports. What a great idea!



I love how activity trackers combine technology with physical activity. Often as parents we feel guilty about letting our children have any sort of screen time at all, so to be able to encourage our kids to be more active and at the same time embrace their love of technology is fantastic.

The great thing about the app is that parents can be more involved and monitor the amount of physical activity their kids are getting, and also, provide a little extra motivation if needed! For already active kids, they can challenge their friends in a way that makes being active more fun and rewarding than ever before. As long as it’s in good fun, a little competition can be a very healthy thing.

Do you own a tracker or fitness band? If do you, why not join your kids in a family challenge? The SAHM staff held a competition with their kids a while back on who could take the most steps in one day. This actually got everyone, especially the adults, more motivated to get out and about, spend time being active as a family and have lots of fun at the same time!

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If you do have a child that needs a little bit more of a push to be more active or social, why not look into joining a team sport? MILO has been supporting the grassroots cricket programs in Australia for 25 years, which introduces more than half a million Aussie kids to the game each year. Organised and team sports help develop a child’s skills and teamwork, cooperation, discipline, coordination in a fun environment.

It is also a great chance for socialising and making new friends outside of school. I loved playing tennis when I was younger and my husband was a keen footballer and we will be encouraging our boys to participate in something they will love to do when they are a little older.

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So, my challenge to parents is to get active alongside your kids. What a great chance to get fitter and healthier together. Set up your own family’s steps reward system and utilise the technology available to motivate you and the kids and to track your progress.


We would love to know who the winner is in your family!Milo Logo


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